Is YOUR ‘love rat’ on the list? Top 10 names of those most likely to send MULTIPLE Valentine’s Day cards

Funky Pigeon data has revealed who's likely to send more than one Valentine's Day cards and most generous men and women

Multiple Valentine's Day Cards
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Valentine's Day (opens in new tab) is just around the corner and whether you love it or hate it, you'll want to know if your love or even 'love rat' ex is named as one of the Top 10 people most likely to send multiple cards come February 14th.

While romantic messages (opens in new tab) or Valentine's Day poems (opens in new tab) are the first port of call to woo a loved one and you might only send one card to your other half or person you fancy, there might be some people out there who are torn between multiple lovers - and are secretly sending each one a card.

And Funky Pigeon (opens in new tab) has just released its latest stats revealing revealing the most generous people and locations across the UK. From analysing its annual 'sealed' report which digs into millions of orders (cards and gifts) from the past year to determine who uses the most romantic language, the sender's names and where they live.

While many people are fascinated with the news that Oliver has been knocked off the top spot for popular baby name (opens in new tab), parents might be intrigued to learn that there's a more awkward name revelation to worry about - that people named Ryan are sending the most MULTIPLE cards on Valentine's Day. AWKWARD!

But before you go dumping them, or having that confrontation, perhaps they’re supporting their friends, getting in the 'Galentine’s' or 'Palentine's Day' spirit, or maybe they’re actually casting the net far and wide and confessing their love to multiple people.

People called Ryan aren't the only ones - as we look at who else is on the list...

Top 10 Names Sending the Most Valentine's Day Cards

  1. Ryan
  2. Damien
  3. Mark
  4. Donna
  5. John
  6. Sally
  7. Samantha
  8. Karen
  9. Carole
  10. Helen

But it's not all doom and gloom - as the online gifting firm has also compiled lists of the most generous women and men. In 2002 people called Emma sent the most cards and gifts - so if you're friends with an Emma, consider yourself lucky!

Claire was second, followed by Sarah, Michelle, Laura, Helen, Gemma, Julie, Amanda and Lisa. Coming in at 11th place is Karen, Nicola, Louise, Joanne, Alison, Hayley, Charlotte, Amy, Samantha, and Kelly.

The report reads, "Although women took the top 15 spots of the most generous gift and card givers in the full list of names , out of the men that featured David, was named the most generous of the bunch – however the total number of gifts and cards bought by Davids was not even a third of the total purchased by Emmas."

In second place there's Andrew and in third Chris. Followed by Mark, James, Adam, Paul, John, Ian, Daniel, Richard, Matthew, Gary, Michael, Simon, Craig, Darren, Alan, Robert, and Ben.

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