30 Valentine’s Day desserts

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  • Valentine's Day desserts are perfect if you really want to impress, so why not try one of these MasterChef-style creations like our millefeuille of raspberries and chocolate, brandy snap baskets or chocolate-filled meringues?

    Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to go all out with your desserts. We’ve rounded up our favourite romantic recipes for you to choose from – why not try something new this year?

    Making your own Valentine’s meal at home is much more romantic (and not to mention cheaper!) than eating out in a restaurant.

    You probably already know your man’s favourite meal (if in doubt, we always go with steak!) but what about dessert?

    Dessert is a dish you can really show off with and it needn’t mean precious time wasted in the kitchen on the night.

    Take a look at our cheap, quick and easy ideas for Valentine’s desserts. They include delicious ideas for chocolate including melting chocolate fondants, soufflés, fondue – you’ve got to have a little chocolate on Valentine’s Day, right? And some romantic fruity ideas for strawberries and raspberries.

    Make as much of the dessert as you can beforehand so you have more time to enjoy your romantic night in…

    First on the list are these delicious, classic fondant puds. Make these puddings for an indulgent dessert that should melt a few hearts on Valentine’s Day.

    Get the recipe: Chocolate coffee fondant puddings