Kate Middleton made a classic parenting mistake when she took Prince George and Princess Charlotte shoe shopping

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  • Prince George and Princess Charlotte are back to school and nursery this week and the little royals needed some school shoes. However, when Kate took the kids to be fitted – she made a classic mistake.

    Prince George is back to school today and it could be his most special first day at school yet. Princess Charlotte went back to Willcocks Nursery School yesterday so now mum-of-three Kate will only has little Prince Louis to occupy.

    Over the summer the little royals have had some big appearances like for their uncle Prince Harry’s wedding, their little brother’s christening and of course the Trooping of Colour.

    For these occasions every detail is managed for the royal family to ensure everyone turns up looking immaculate, but when Kate gets the opportunity to, she likes to do things for herself and her family.

    So just like any other parents, in the mad back-to-school rush Kate took Prince George and Princess Charlotte shoe shopping.

    The Christening of Prince Louis


    The Cambridge’s all looking picture-perfect

    When you’ve got three little ones just getting out of the door can feel like an achievement and it’s more than likely that you’ll forget something crucial. How many times have you left with all the children, all their belongings and no bank card right?

    According to a source who spoke with Hello! Magazine, when Kate took Prince George and Princess Charlotte to a Peter Jones store in London to get their school shoes, she forgot to pack socks for them to try on the shoes with as they were both in sandals! Classic!

    Given how hot the weather has been it is no surprise that this tiny little detail slipped Kate’s mind and luckily the shop assistant was able to give Prince George and Princess Charlotte some disposable socks to use.

    Kate and William have always stressed their wish to make their children’s upbringing as normal as possible, which is why Prince George still doesn’t know he is third in line to the throne.

    Little parenting slip-ups like this just prove that although William will one day be King, he and Kate are just like the rest of us!

    Have you ever made the same mistake as Kate? What are you best back-to-school fails? Head over to our Facebook page to share your stories, we can’t wait to hear them! 

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