Morrisons is giving away free sanitary products to struggling shoppers who use this discreet codeword

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Morrisons is giving away free sanitary products to struggling shoppers who use this discreet codeword.

Morrisons shoppers will benefit from free sanitary products in-store when they ask for a package that 'sandy' has left for them.

The supermarket, which recently launched BBQ food boxes (opens in new tab) and picnic food boxes (opens in new tab) has thought of everything when it comes to giving shoppers what they might need but it has gone one step further to ensure none of its customers get caught short by running a discreet sanitary supply service after a notice was put up on display in the customer toilets of one of its 500+ branches.

The notice informs customers of what they need to do in order to benefit from free sanitary products and the scheme is expected to help struggling families who cannot either afford to buy sanitary goods or for those who get caught short, unexpectedly needing sanitary products while shopping in-store.

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M&S launched a range of reusable period pants (opens in new tab) earlier this month which were aimed at replacing pads and tampons and there is a wide range of sanitary products available to buy for women including sanitary towels, tampons, pantyliners, menstrual cups, and period panties but it can prove to be costly for some households.

And shoppers using this particular branch are urged to go to the customer service desk and ask for a package that 'Sandy' left them. Staff will then hand the customer an envelope with a sanitary product inside to help them with their period (opens in new tab).

The note, which is currently being circulated on social media states, 'Please don't feel shy. If you are in need or struggling for sanitary products go to our customer service kiosk (Next to Timpsons) and ask for a package that SANDY has left for you. You will then be given a FREE discreet envelope with what you need no questions asked."

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It also used the hashtags #LetsEndPeriodPoverty and #WeLoveToHelp

Periods can come unexpectedly, be heavier some months more than others, they can give you painful period cramps (opens in new tab), make you gain weight (opens in new tab), and give you mood swings. Our time of the month can be inconvenient, uncomfortable, and downright annoying.

And the scheme has been praised by shoppers. One wrote, 'Yes, Morrisons. Excellent work here.' Another said, 'Brilliant work from some of Morrisons' stores to help combat period poverty discreetly.' And a third wrote, 'Morrisons you deserve praise for this.'

But Morrisons confirmed that the Sandy scheme is only available in some stores at the moment, but it advises shoppers to check their local branch to see if they are running it.