Morrisons launches BBQ food box packed with meat, side dishes and sweet treats

Morrisons BBQ food box

The Morrisons BBQ food box is back for 2021 and packed with everything you could possibly need for the perfect barbie.

With the government's roadmap out of lockdown now allowing us to meet outdoors in each other's gardens and warmer weather (hopefully) on the horizon, plenty of Brits have a summer schedule packed with barbecues.

After the success of the Morrisons picnic food box and Easter treats food box, a new one is available online in time for sunny get togethers.

Morrisons has made the barbecue prep as easy as it could ever be, offering a BBQ food box packed with meat, cheese, salad, rolls, crisps, dip and sweet treats - all for £40.

Morrisons BBQ Food BoxCrammed with meat, cheese, salad, side dishes and sweet treats, this Morrisons box of BBQ essentials will have you covered in one purchase.
Morrisons BBQ Food Box
Crammed with meat, cheese, salad, side dishes and sweet treats, this Morrisons box of BBQ essentials will have you covered in one purchase.

With delivery included in the price and easy online ordering, all you need to do is fire up that grill, treat your guests to a glass of perfect summer Pimms or a Spritz made from Amazon's price-slashed Aperol and let Morrisons provide the tastiness.

It's great news for meat lovers too - the box includes quarter pounder beef burgers, pork sausages, chicken drumsticks and  maple glazed pork belly.

The full contents of the BBQ box is as follows:

  • Morrisons 4 British Beef Quarter Pounders 454g x 2
  • Best pork Sausages 6pk
  • Chicken Drumsticks 1.1kg
  • Maple Glazed Belly Pork 400g
  • Morrisons Finger Rolls 6pk
  • Morrisons soft white rolls 6pk
  • Morrisons Cheese Singles 10 Slices
  • Morrisons Cypriot Halloumi 225g
  • Heinz Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce 260g
  • Flava-Ir Barbecue Marinade 35g
  • Crisp Leaf Mix 230g
  • Morrisons Corn Cobbettes 4 Pack
  • Morrisons Baby Potatoes 1kg
  • Morrisons Brown Onions 1kg
  • Morrisons Salad Peppers 3 Pk
  • Morrisons Baby Plum Tomatoes 420g
  • Morrisons Creamy Coleslaw 300g
  • Doritos Tangy Cheese Sharing Tortilla Chips 180g
  • Morrisons Sour Cream Dip 200g
  • Morrisons The Best Gruyere & Poppy Twists 100g
  • Morrisons Flapjack Mini Bites 24 Pk
  • Morrisons Market St Brownie Mini Bites 24 Pk
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