Mum shares her incredible story after giving birth to baby in medically induced coma because of COVID-19

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  • Angela Primachenko, from Washington state in the US, caught coronavirus whilst pregnant and ended up being placed into a medically induced coma to deliver her baby.

    Despite the stressful situation, doctors helped Angela deliver her baby girl whilst she was in the coma. Thankfully, the baby tested negative for coronavirus.

    Speaking about the situation to Komo News, Angela said, “And so basically, they ended up starting medication and it put my body into labor.

    “But my OB, she said everything was like God-ordained. She said the baby was like perfect, and she came out exactly the way she needed to.”

    Angela named her daughter Ava and had to be kept apart from her temporarily due to the severity of the virus.

    On April 12th, she took to Instagram to share photos of Ava which had been taken by nurses at the hospital.

    At the time, she wrote, ‘Baby Ava is still in the NICU and i still haven’t been able to see her in person 😭😭

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    ‘but so thankful for amazing nurses who send me update photos!!! @jennifer_ristau2 was able to take a pic of my baby girl for me!!! CANT WAIT TO MEET YOU my little fighter!!

    Finally, Angela was able to hold her daughter on April 16th and shared a heartwarming photo.

    Her caption read, ‘Such a testimony to be able to hold my little Ava. 💞

    ‘(the reason I’m wearing a mask is because everybody has to wear a mask now when visiting the NICU).

    ‘Ava is doing amazing and gaining weight everyday like a champ! Another week or so and we will be able to take her HOME!!’

    Following this update, Baby Ava is now settling in at home. Angela continues to share photos and videos of the newborn, especially now she’s able to be with her family.

    We’re so happy that mum and baby are okay!