Mum willing to pay someone £50 an hour to accompany her children trick or treating

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  • A mum is looking for someone to accompany her children when they go trick or treating.

    The mother-of-three, who is obviously concerned over how to keep her kids safe while they are trick or treating, posted a job advert on childcarer website

    The single mother is looking for a ‘babysitter’ for her two boys and a girl, aged nine, seven and three and is willing to pay £50 an hour because she’s too anxious to go out trick or treating with them.

    ‘I get very scared at Halloween because of the costumes and speaking to strangers to ask for sweets for the kids,’ wrote the mum.

    ‘I have severe social anxiety and am uncomfortable with trick or treating but I’d like for my kids to experience it. I’d hate for them to miss out on this because of me and having put it off for the last 3 years I feel I can’t anymore.

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    ‘The kids’ father isn’t in the picture and I no longer speak to any of my family. I’d ask friends but I don’t know many people with children, so they’re not doing trick or treating and are busy on Halloween, as it’s a school night!

    ‘I’d like someone who’s qualified to look after children, have all the right qualifications and be DBS checked. If anyone is willing to help me out, I can pay them up to £50 an hour, I would imagine it would only take a couple of hours. It would also be useful for the person to come round and help the kids get ready, I hate costumes! So in total, it might take 4 hours of your time.’

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    She continued that she’d like her children home by 8pm so that she can put the youngest two to bed, so clarified that the role would last from around 4pm to 8pm.

    Many empathised with the mum, wanting to lend a hand where they could.

    ‘When I saw this advert put onto the website, I wanted to help the woman instantly,’ said founder of Richard Conway.

    ‘She’s clearly trying to do the best for her children and is more than happy to pay someone to perform this service.

    ‘I got in touch with her to ask how I could help, and promoting this advert seemed like the best way I could help her. Hopefully more people will see this advert and be willing to help her and her children out. Children usually love getting dressed up and going out trick or treating, so I’m sure the kids will love it!’

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