Paramedic warns of the horrifying reason parents shouldn't give small Easter eggs to children

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A former paramedic and mum of two has taken to Instagram to urge parents not to buy small eggs for their children this Easter - and there's a horrifying reason why.

With Easter 2021 on its way, it's hard to resist the temptation of the wonderful chocolatey treats available to buy online and new exciting eggs like the Harry Potter eggs from M&S and the chocolate teapot from PG Tips.

It’s hard to think of any dangers that come with Easter eggs - but a medical expert has warned of a frightening hazard. 

Former Paramedic, mother of two, and CEO of Tiny Hearts Education, Nikki Jurcutz has warned parents against giving kids mini chocolate eggs at this time of year. 

Nikki took to Instagram to explain to her 105,000 followers that mini chocolate eggs are a choking hazard as they are the perfect size to block a child's airways.

She also added it's vital to know what to do when your child is choking.

Small Chocolate Easter eggs in child's hands

She posted a collage to Tiny Hearts Education's Instagram of five images. Three were of small Easter treats with exes next to them, the other two were of big, hollow Easter eggs with ‘Delicious’ written above. 

Nikki said that ‘Up to 85% of choking deaths are caused by food and with Easter around the corner I want this to be at the forefront of your mind. Many of the Easter eggs we see on the shelves are real choking hazards.’

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She continued, ‘When purchasing please choose larger, hollow eggs broken into small pieces as they are less of a choking hazard.’

Nikki also warned that choking can be silent, and it is important to always keep an eye on children when they are eating, as choking can kill in a matter of moments. 

‘Choking happens quickly, and knowing exactly what to do in a choking emergency is the difference between a scare and a life-changing moment.’

Nikki’s followers have praised the post, one user commented, ‘I'd never thought of that with eggs before!!!!! 😢 Thank you!!!!’

Another wrote, ‘Such a good thing to share thank you!’ The post already has hundreds of comments and a thousand likes.

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