M&S launch incredible Harry Potter themed Easter range including a chocolate Hedwig owl and edible wands

M&S white chocolate Hedwig

M&S has launched a Harry Potter themed Easter range including an incredible chocolate Hedwig owl.

Easter is just around the corner and it's time to start stocking up on chocolate treats.

While there's plenty of amazing Easter eggs to buy online (opens in new tab), the shops have started stacking shelves with all the best traditional Easter food (opens in new tab).

Easter 2021 lands on the 4th of April this year, and whether the current lockdown rules (opens in new tab) are still in place for the bank holiday or not, nothing can stop us from indulging. 

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M&S White Chocolate Hedwig - £15
Die hard Potter fans are in for a treat this Easter thanks to M&S. This hand decorated white chocolate Hedwig owl bares an incredible likeness and comes with a milk chocolate letter to Hogwarts!

M&S has really brought its A-game with Easter treats this year, launching a Harry Potter themed range with chocolate takes on some of the best parts of the wizarding world.

Harry Potter fans will be delighted by the magical Easter creations from M&S.

You can buy everything from chocolate frogs and wands to a chocolate sorting hat and a white chocolate Hedwig owl - the perfect Easter dessert (opens in new tab) after a delicious Easter Sunday lunch (opens in new tab)

The Harry Potter-themed treats are the perfect gift for any die hard Potter fan and have already sparked excitement among M&S shoppers. 

Harry Potter, Hedwig chocolate egg from M&S

(Image credit: Marks and Spencer)

The hand decorated white chocolate Easter egg alternative has Hedwig’s likeness is spot on and it even comes with a milk chocolate letter to Hogwarts.

Chocolate frogs, wands and sorting hats are also expected to hit M&S shelves very soon. 

If you are a Harry Potter fan, be quick- the chocolate Hedwigs cost £15 and are likely to sell fast.

If you’re a Percy Pig fan you are also in for a treat as Marks and Spencer is selling a bright pink, Percy Pig-shaped chocolate egg for £10. 

M&S launched a chocolate koala and a chocolate sausage dog (opens in new tab) last month, too. Plus there's an adorable range of chocolate rabbits to choose from and even a very cheeky emoji shaped egg (opens in new tab)

There's plenty of classic eggs of lots of different sizes and flavours, so you’re sure to find something for everyone.

We can't wait!