When is Easter 2024 and when are the school holidays?

When is Easter 2024? It's the question we're all asking, as Easter means springtime and springtime means sunshine! Here's what you need to know.

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When is Easter 2024? It's a question that's been on many people's minds as we've battled the cold weather this winter.

You're not alone in wondering when Easter falls in 2024 - many of us are eagerly waiting for Easter to roll into view as it's one of the first signs of springtime and a signal that warmer weather is - we hope - on the way at last. 

Whether you're wondering when the Easter school holidays are so that you can treat someone to an Easter hamper, or dreaming of planning a family getaway for the Easter holidays, here's what you need to know about when Easter is in 2024. and when schools break up for the Easter holidays.

When is Easter 2024?

Easter Sunday is on March 31st this year. Good Friday is on Friday 29th March and Easter Monday will take place on Monday 1st April, bagging a four-day weekend for those in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. (But not Scotland because Easter Monday is not a nationwide bank holiday in Scotland.)

Easter is ten days earlier than in 2023 when it fell on April 9th. And if you're wondering why people keep commenting that Easter is 'early' this year, here's why. 

While many celebrations like Valentine's Day, Christmas, and Halloween fall on the same day every year, the date of Easter changes from each year to the next. The exact date can be any time from March 22 to April 25, but this year it's falling even earlier in March. Pancake Day 2024, otherwise known as Shrove Tuesday, follows a similar pattern and occurs on a different date every year too.

The date for Easter is determined by the moon. Easter always takes place on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the spring equinox. 

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When are the Easter holidays 2024 in the UK?


The Easter holidays in England begin on Friday 29th March and continue until Friday 12th April for many schools but dates differ between schools and areas so check with your child's school just in case. 


Easter holidays in Scotland begin for most schools on Friday 29th March with children returning to the classroom on Monday 15th April

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Easter holidays in Wales begin on Friday 31st March and then kids go back to school on Monday 17th April.  

It's slightly later than in Scotland and England, which have different term dates throughout the year to the other parts of the UK.

Northern Ireland

Easter holidays in Northern Ireland start on 17th April 2024 and then schools reopen to pupils again on 25th April 2024

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