Best kids’ Easter eggs 2021

The tastiest chocolate treats for tots this Easter
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  • What could possibly be better than a day dedicated to eating chocolate? The best Easter eggs for kids aren’t just delicious, they’re also fun to look at and exciting to unwrap.

    There’s still just about enough time to buy Easter Eggs online this year. Whether you want a classic kids’ Easter egg or a bit more of a showstopper for your Easter Sunday breakfast table, there’s something here to suit most tastes and all budgets when it comes to the best Easter eggs for kids.

    Tucking into a chocolate egg is the ultimate Easter food tradition. But, the Easter bank holiday 2021, isn’t just about eating chocolate – it’s also a great time to keep little ones busy with some fun Easter activities and games.

    Best Easter eggs for kids 2021

    Here are the best Easter eggs for kids available to buy online this year.

    1. Marks and Spencer Chocolate Hedwig Owl

    Marks and Spencer Chocolate Hedwig Owl

    Credt: Marks and Spencer

    Cocoa solids: 30% minimum (milk chocolate) 20% minimum (white chocolate) | Extras: Sent with a personal message | Allergens: Contains milk and soya. Not suitable for nut and peanut allergy sufferers.

    Why we love it: Harry Potter fans will love this hollow white chocolate owl with a solid milk chocolate envelope – we can only assume it’s a letter from Hogwarts! This is seriously impressive to look at, so it’s a good choice if you want to create a bit of wow factor on Easter Sunday morning. Our youngest taste-tester found the chocolate a little bit rich compared to her usual white chocolate of choice. Our teenage testers, on the other hand, were only too happy to demolish it.


    2. Hotel Chocolat Wooliam Hollow with Tiddly Pot

    Hotel Chocolat Wooliam Hollow with Tiddly Pot

    Credit: Hotel Chocolat

    Cocoa solids: Minimum 27% milk solids (white chocolate) Minimum 36% cocoa solids caramel milk chocolate) | Extras: A pot of caramel chocolate drops | Allergens: peanuts, nuts, milk, soya, wheat, egg.

    Why we love it: Oh, this is seriously cute. Sketched, painted and hand-carved by Hotel Chocolat’s chocolate sculptress, this little sheep is moulded in smooth and creamy white chocolate, with milk chocolate detailing. It contains a minimum of 36% cocoa butter, the natural fat that is cold-pressed from the cacao bean – and, he comes with a ‘tiddly pot’ of caramel chocolate drops, perfectly sized for little fingers. Elizapeck the chick and Rabbert the rabbit, designed for those who prefer milk or dark chocolate. The Elizapeck Hollow with Tiddly Pot is equally delicious, for a milk chocolate option.


    3. Cadbury Dairy Milk Orange Giant Buttons Easter Egg

    Cadbury Dairy Milk Orange Giant Buttons Easter Egg

    Cocoa solids: 20% minimum | Extras: Bag of Cadbury Dairy Milk Orange Giant Buttons | Allergens: May contain nuts

    More chocolate orangey goodness here, in the form of this new Cadbury Dairy Milk Orange Giant Buttons Easter Egg. Wow, it’s tasty. And it comes with a bag of the delicious Cadbury Dairy Milk Orange giant buttons, which our taste-tester did not feel like sharing, sadly. This is pretty pricey compared to other Easter eggs but since it’s a new flavour, we think it’s worth splashing out on if you have a fan of Cadbury Dairy Milk Orange Giant Buttons in the house.

    VIEW AT CADBURYS | £9.99

    4. Niederegger Nostalgic Marzipan Egg

    Niederegger Nostalgic Marzipan Egg

    Credit: Niederegger

    Cocoa solids: 50% minimum | Extras:| Allergens: May contain tree nuts

    Why we love it: This pretty, decorated paper Easter egg is delightfully nostalgic and a lovely alternative to a modern Easter egg. It’s filled with Niederegger bittersweet chocolate-covered mini marzipan eggs. Marzipan can be a bit of an acquired taste but our teenage taste-testers gave it the thumbs up. It’s worth checking that your little one likes marzipan before you buy – or you could always offer to eat the chocolates if they’re not a fan!


    5. Waitrose Milk Chocolate Hen with Speckled Eggs

    Waitrose Milk Chocolate Hen with Speckled Eggs

    Credit: Waitrose

    Chocolate content: Milk Chocolate 73% Speckled Eggs 27% | Extras: Speckled Eggs | Allergens: May contain peanuts and nuts

    Why we love it: It’s not technically an egg, but this is a really cute alternative to traditional Easter eggs for kids. Nestling beneath this hollow milk chocolate hen are several solid milk chocolate eggs with candy shells. The chocolate is creamy and delicious, and this is the perfect size for younger children as it’s a little smaller than a standard Easter egg. It’s only 135g, so it won’t matter so much if  your little one scoffs the whole thing for breakfast! Like all Waitrose & Partners Easter eggs, this is made using Fairtrade sourced cocoa.


    6. Pierre Marcolini Little White Rabbit

    Pierre Marcolini Little White Rabbit

    Credit: Pierre Marcolini

    Contains: Sugar, cream milk powder, cocoa butter, soy lecithin without GMO, vanilla from Madagascar, cocoa beans, raspberry. | Extras: None | Allergens: May contain traces of gluten, eggs, nuts and sesame.

    Why we love it: All Pierre Marcolini products are created by hand by chocolatiers and pâtissiers, so this is no ordinary chocolate Easter bunny. The creamy Belgian chocolate is exceptionally tasty and full of smooth flavour. Alas, this guy is currently only available to buy in-store but we also recommend the Little Pink Basket (£16.90) which is available to buy online. It contains a mixture of 12 absolutely delicious mini praline easter eggs and four little chocolate animals.


    7. Lindt Gold Bunny Easter Egg

    Lindt Gold Bunny Easter Egg

    Credit: Lindt

    Cocoa solids: 30% minimum | Extras: x2 Lindt Gold Bunny chocolates | Allergens: Milk powder, lactose, barley malt extract, soya, hazelnuts, almonds and other nuts.

    Why we love it: Available in milk chocolate and white chocolate varieties, this thick chocolate Easter egg comes with not one but two delicious Lindt Gold Bunny chocolates included. The chocolate egg was a hit with our seven-year-old taste-tester, who found the white chocolate very much to her liking. Unlike other white chocolate she has tasted, this isn’t too rich or sugary. The chocolate bunnies were so popular that a bit of a squabble broke out over who would get to try them. Fortunately, that meant we broke them into pieces and shared them out, so even the adults got a look in. Yum!

    VIEW AT LINDT | £5.00

    8. Play In Choc Rabbits

    Play In Choc Rabbits

    Contains: Cacao mass, coconut sugar, creamed coconut, cacao butter, vanilla | Extras: 3D puzzle toy and fact card | Allergens: None – dairy, nut, gluten, soy and plastic FREE

    Why we love it: Finding dairy-free chocolate treats for kids to enjoy at Easter has been a bit of a mission – until now! PLAYin CHOC ToyChoc Boxes contain two organic dairy-free chocolates, plus a puzzle toy to build and a fun fact card. This particular item is a complete gift set of all six PLAYin CHOC ToyChoc Boxes from the Rabbit collection. The packaging is beautiful and the chocolates are wrapped in home compostable film, while the puzzle toy and fact card are made from recycled board – and the vegan chocolate tastes delicious.


    9. Mummy Meagz Vegan Smoove Moove Easter Egg

    Mummy Meagz Vegan Smoove Moove Easter Egg

    Mummy Meagz

    Cocoa solids:  37% minimum | Extras: None | Allergens: Soya

    Why we love it: Another vegan option, this egg from cult vegan chocolatier Mummy Meagz is a silky blend of dairy-free milk chocolate and dark chocolate.  It’s only 70g so it’s another good choice for younger children, or if you’re keen to avoid sugar overload. Our vegan taste-tester thought this was especially tasty. Sometimes dairy-free alternatives can look a bit like a second-best option but that’s definitely NOT the case here – the packaging is fun, colourful and really appealing.


    10. Terry’s Chocolate Orange Egg With Bars

    Terry's Chocolate Orange Egg With Bars

    Credit: Terrys

    Cocoa solids: 25% minimum | Extras: x3 chocolate orange bars | Allergens: Contains: milk and soya. May contain nuts and wheat

    Why we love it: I’ll admit I was quietly hoping that I might get to taste-test this chocolate orange Easter egg myself, but it turns out that one of my teens is a serious fan of Terry’s Chocolate Orange. The thick milk chocolate egg is flavoured with real orange oil, and two delicious chocolate orange bars are included – so, at least I got one of those. Again, younger kids might prefer ordinary milk chocolate when it comes to an Easter egg, but for youngsters who like Terry’s chocolate orange, this is basically the perfect Easter treat.

    VIEW AT TESCO | £3