Primark selling bauble with ‘awkward’ mistake – but can you spot it?

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  • Despite being four months away, shops everywhere are getting prepared for Christmas. But shoppers spotted an awkward spelling mistake in a ‘baby’s first’ Primark bauble.

    It’s especially lovely to celebrate a milestone Christmas, such as a baby’s first. New mums everywhere will want to be stocking up on baby-themed decorations to celebrate with their little one.

    When this Dumbo themed decoration was shared to Instagram account ‘I Find Disney’, it seemed the poster hadn’t spotted the mistake as there was no mention of it in the caption.

    Instead, the caption simply read: ‘✨NEW✨Disney DUMBO Babys First Christmas Spinner Decoration £5 from @primark @primark.home 🇬🇧 ✨🐘🎪✨’.

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    But eagle-eyed followers were quick to comment on the mistake, noticing that the spinner read ‘Baby’s First Chirstmas’, instead of ‘Christmas’. Oops!

    One comment joked: ‘Can’t wait to wish everyone a Merry Chirstmas’.

    ‘Oh dear, Primark’, said another.

    ‘I need this! But spelt right 😂’, said one fan, who clearly loved the design.

    Some Disney fans hadn’t actually noticed the mistake at first, with one commenter saying: ‘Ooo bad spelling mistake but strange how the eye corrects it 🤭”.

    If you are keen to get your hands on some Disney Primark goodies, don’t worry, there are alternatives that are spelled correctly!

    The same Instagram account also shared this Dumbo snow globe, with the same ‘Baby’s First Christmas’ text – plus it’s only £8!

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    You can also get a Toy Story alien themed spinner decoration, featuring stars and their famous quote “Ooooh!”.

    We’re not sure if this mistake features across all the Dumbo spinner decorations, or if it’s just this one unlucky shopper that picked up a misspelled version.

    If you are a Disney fan though, it’s worth keeping an eye out for any more Christmas themed goodies at Primark. We’re sure there’ll be loads of them!

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