Sleep expert reveals bizarre tips on how to get your child to stay in bed all night – including feeding them tuna

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  • For parents with restless children who struggle to sleep through the night, bedtime can feel like the ultimate chore.

    A sleep expert has revealed some tips for getting little ones to have a good night’s sleep – and while they may seem a little bizarre, they’re said to work a treat.

    According to Silentnight’s sleep pro, Dr Nerina Ramlakhan, there’s a few ways to help your child doze off into a peaceful slumber.

    Feed them tuna

    You may think that chowing down on tuna would have no impact on the way we sleep, but the fishy stuff is actually a great source of one of the key hormones that help us snooze.

    Dr Ramlakhan explains how neurochemicals like serotonin and melatonin help us drop off and foods like tuna can really help the brain to produce these.

    Other serotonin rich foods include chicken, eggs, nuts and milk, so opt for these if you’ve got a fussy eater on your hands.

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    Give them a glass of milk or cocoa

    Similarly, Dr Ramlakhan recommends giving tots a glass of milk or cocoa before they snuggle up, but make sure it’s a couple of hours pre-bedtime in order to avoid them waking up in the night needing the toilet.

    Chat about lovely things

    Dr Ramlakhan also explains how the topic of conversation you chose when it comes to nighttime chats with your little ones can really impact the way they sleep too.

    She recommends chatting to kids about something silly, light hearted and positive before you tuck them in to make sure they’re in a calm and happy state of mind before they close their eyes.

    It’s also not a great idea to bring up stressful things like school worries or things that will make kids feel anxious – so Dr Ramlakhan suggests bringing up heftier topics in the day time, so that any stressful feelings from the conversations aren’t carried into the night, leaving your child tossing and turning.

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    Crank up the vacuum cleaner

    While making loud noises is likely the last thing on your agenda when you’ve finally put the kids to bed, cranking up the vacuum cleaner can actually be a great way to get kids, toddlers and babies alike snoozing.

    According to Dr Ramlakhan, the hoover’s white noise is an effective way to create a comfortable and calm environment for little ones trying to get some shut eye.