When will hotels reopen? When you can stay in a hotel in the UK

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We can stay away overnight in self-contained accommodation and campsites are now open too,  so when will hotels reopen? 

Campsites and caravan parks re-opened on April 12 to visitors and self-contained accommodation could accept guests from then too - provided everyone staying was from the same household. However, hotels remained closed around the UK apart from to essential workers.

This month though, the rules on how many people can meet up indoors is set to change and, under the government’s roadmap out of lockdown, so will the rules around hotels. 

When will hotels reopen?

Hotels are set to reopen from May 17.

Hotels will open up following the next lockdown review, which should also see people able to enjoy overnight stays with family and friends in either private or rented accommodation. The rule of 6 will still apply - so only two households or up to six people from different households will be able to mix inside and stay overnight together. 

Until this date, hotels are only allowed to accept people who live together or are members of the same support bubble

Hotels, hostels, BnBs and all other overnight accommodation will be able to fully reopen without any restrictions from June 21. However, this depends on the plan for lifting lockdown going ahead as planned.

This is based on criteria, including the UK’s vaccination programme continuing to go as planned and no new variants entering the UK with the potential to evade the vaccine and put the NHS in jeopardy.

If the government enforces anymore restrictions, including a potential circuit breaker lockdown, then hotels may be one of the first businesses to close again.

When will hotels open again in Scotland?

Hotels in Scotland are now open again, following a change in the rules on April 26. Scotland moved into level three restrictions on this date, meaning that people in Scotland and the rest of the UK can visit areas for a holiday and stay in tourist accommodation.

However, there are still rules in level three which restrict how many people can meet up indoors. At this level, you can meet in groups of up to six people from two different households in an indoor public place, such as the hotel bar or restaurant. Alternatively, you can meet in a group of up to six people from six different households outdoors. 

People in Scotland living under level three are not able to share self-catered accommodation with another household. This is because level three restrictions don’t allow groups from different households to meet in private indoor spaces.

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When will hotels reopen again in Wales?

Many hotels reopened in Wales on March 27. However, the Welsh government warn that only members of the same household can stay overnight in a hotel. 

Wales is also on alert level three, which means that people can gather with those they don’t live with outdoors, including in private gardens, but not inside any public or private space. Outdoors, there has to be a maximum of six people from six different households. 

When can hotels reopen in Northern Ireland?

People living in Northern Ireland can stay in self-contained tourist accommodation from April 30, but hotels will stay closed until May 24.

Similarly to other devolved nations, this rule only allows members of the same household to stay overnight away from home together. It does not allow for overnight stays with people outside of the household.

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