Flower names 2023: Unique floral picks for boys and girls

Flower names such as Rose, Lavender and Lilac are proving popular

Flower names illustrated by girl sat in meadow
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Flower names can be classic, cute and often unique - a blooming good choice for your little one.

Flower names – such as Rose, Lavender and Lilac - were first popular during the Victorian era and now they’re blossoming once more as parents take to the floral world for name inspiration. In recent years, several celebrities searching for unique baby names have picked flower names for their children. Jamie Oliver likes a flower baby name so much he named three of his daughters after flowers - Poppy Honey Rosie, Daisy Boo Pamela and Petal Blossom Rainbow.

Sarah Croud, a garden designer from Essex, believes that rather than a cool baby name or even an Italian baby name, flower names are uplifting, which is why parents are turning towards them. “We all know that being close to nature provides a well needed feel-good factor and one lovely way of staying connected is to use names from nature for our children,” she told us. “Using flower names, in particular, can transport us to a past place or invoke a memory related to the smells or colours associated with our favourite flowers or beautiful blooms.”

Sarah even chose a flower name for her daughter, Daisy, and says she was attracted by the images it conjures up. “Daisies are clean, pretty flowers associated with vibrant colours such as bright green, fresh yellow and pure white. When spoken, this name conjures up thoughts of warm summer days and blue skies, mixed in with happy memories of hours spent laying in the grass making daisy chains.”

Flower names for girls

The trend for female floral names is going nowhere - Lily, Daisy, Florence, Iris, Ivy and Rose have all been in the top 100 names in the UK for years and look like they’re going nowhere soon. However, if you want something a little more unique on the flower side of things, there are still plenty of floral-inspired names that are make a lovely choice for your little girl.

Acacia Origin: Greek | Style: Modern | Pronunciation: A-kay-shuh Meaning: The Acacia is a tree or bush, which grown in warm climates, and contains clusters of yellow or white flowers with thorns, which is why this pretty-sounding name has the prickly meaning of thorny.

Baby sat against yellow flowers and a description of the name Anthea

Anthea Origin: Greek | Style: Classic | Pronunciation: An-thee-ah Meaning: Antheas are pale yellow flowers that are known to attract butterflies, so it's no surprise that this pretty name means flowery.

Asphodel Origin: Greek | Style: Boho | Pronunciation: As-pho-del Meaning: Fed up of Lily? Then go for this related name instead. Asphodel is a member of the lily family and has long and slender leaves.

Azalea Origin: Greek | Style: Modern | Pronunciation: A-zil-liyah Meaning: A super cool name thanks to rapper Azaelia Banks, it's also a flower (part of the Rhododendron family) and means flowery.

Begonia Origin: French | Style: Boho | Pronunciation: Be-go-nee-ah Meaning: A symbol of uniqueness, harmony and gratitude, the Begonia is a flower name that's never been as popular as Rose or Lily but perhaps it's time to change that?

Blathnaid Origin: Irish | Style: Vintage | Pronunciation: Blaw-nid Meaning: The Irish version of Florence, it also has a floral meaning - blossom or blossoming.

Blossom Origin: English | Style: Vintage | Pronunciation: Blos-som Meaning: A cute name that means to bloom, Blossom was hugely popular in the 1920s, which gives it a great vintage feel.

Bluebell Origin: Greek | Style: Boho | Pronunciation: Bloo-bell Meaning: Chosen by Geri Horner for her daughter, this pretty woodland flower makes an equally pretty - and distinctive - name for your baby girl.

Briallen Origin: Welsh | Style: Modern | Pronunciation: Bree-ahl-en Meaning: The perfect name for any springtime baby, this Welsh floral name means primrose.

Buttercup Origin: English | Style: Boho | Pronunciation: Butter-cup Meaning: The name of the feisty princess in the cult movie The Princess Bride, Buttercup means yellow wildflower. Just don't try and use your offspring to measure if you like butter - it won't work!

Calla Origin: Greek | Style: Vintage | Pronunciation: Kal-lah Meaning: The perfect name for your beautiful newborn girl, it means most beautiful. It's also the name of a flower - the Calla Lilly.

Camellia Origin: Latin | Style: Vintage | Pronunciation: Ka-meel-yah. Meaning: Known as the 'queen of the winter flower, Camellias are evergreen shrubs that produce beautiful blooms. This nature-inspired name means either helper to the priest or Kamel's flower.

Clover Origin: English | Style: Boho | Pronunciation: Klo-ver Meaning: Clover is a sweet-smelling flower - and a great unisex flower name. And is also a traditional symbol of comfort, luck, and wealth. It comes from an old English word that means key.

Chrysanthemum Origin: Greek | Style: Boho | Pronunciation: Kruh-san-thuh-muhm Meaning: While we don’t envy the tot that has to learn how to spell this floral name, it is a lovely unique name. It means gold flower and in Asia it's a flower that symbolises life and rebirth, so the perfect name for your precious new-born.

Crocus Origin: Middle Eastern, Sanskrit | Style: Boho | Pronunciation: Kro-kus Meaning: These flowers not only look pretty, but also produce the world's most expensive spice - saffron! As it blooms in the late winter/early spring, it's a flower associated with renewal and rebirth.

Daffodil Origin: Greek, Dutch | Style: Boho | Pronunciation: Daff-o-dill Meaning: The national flower of Wales makes this the perfect flower name for parents with Welsh connections. In the language of flowers, it symbolises respect and unrequited love.

Dahlia Origin: Swedish | Style: Vintage | Pronunciation:  Day-lia or Dah-lia Meaning: A vintage name showing a resurgence in popularity and it's easy to see why as it means flower or valley. In the language of flowers, the Dahlia denotes elegance and dignity so a great name to bestow on your own little flower.

Baby holding a daisy

Daisy Origin: English | Style: Classic | Pronunciation: Day-zee Meaning: Originally a nickname for Margaret - the French Marguerite is the word for the flower – the daisy symbolises innocence and purity. Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom recently named their daughter Daisy Dove.

Elodie Origin: Spanish, French | Style: Modern | Pronunciation: E-lo-die Meaning: Elodie derives from Elodia, the Spanish variation of Alodia. While it means foreign riches in Spanish, in Greek, the name means flower of the fields - and there is also a pink lily named Lilium Elodie.

Fleur Origin: French | Style: Vintage | Pronunciation: Fl-ur Meaning: The French for flower, this pretty nature name first jumped into popularity when John Galsworthy gave it to one of his characters his celebrated collection of books around the Forsyte family.

Flora Origin: Latin | Style: Vintage | Pronunciation: Flaw-ruh Meaning: Flora means flower. It was also the name of the Roman goddess of springtime.

Florence Origin: Latin | Style: Vintage | Pronunciation: Flo-ruhns A perennial favourite with parents, Florence has been a top 20 baby name in the UK since 2016.  Meaning flowering or in bloom, we love the possible nicknames for this floral name - Flo, Flossie and Florrie.

Hana Origin: Slavic, Czech, Hebrew | Style: Modern | Pronunciation: Ha-nuh Meaning: A popular floral name in Slavic countries, Hana has a variety of meanings - grace, work, glow and flower.

Heather Origin: English | Style: Modern | Pronunciation: Heh-thuh Meaning: A name that was huge in the '70s and '80s, this nature-inspired baby names come from the name of the evergreen shrub with pink or white flowers that thrives on peaty, barren lands.

Hyacinth Origin: Greek | Style: Vintage | Pronunciation: Hy-ah-sinth Meaning: We think this floral name has finally shrugged off the sitcom stigma, especially since the youngest Bridgerton child bears this moniker. It means blue larkspur or precious stone.

Iris Origin: Greek | Style: Vintage | Pronunciation: I-ris Meaning:  In Greek mythology, Iris was the goddess of the rainbow, which is a pretty meaning for a pretty name. It's also the name of a purple flower that blooms in late spring/early summer - so perfect for babies born around then.

Ivy Origin: Greek | Style: Vintage | Pronunciation: I-vee Meaning: More of a plant than a flower, Ivy represents fidelity and in ancient Greek times were given to newlyweds as a symbol of faithfulness. Obviously, it now also represents total glamour thanks to Beyonce choosing it for her daughter, Blue Ivy.

Jasmine Origin: Persian | Style: Modern | Pronunciation: Jazzmin Meaning: Originally popular around 1900, Jasmine enjoyed another burst of popularity in the 1990s after the release of Disney's Aladdin, featuring Princess Jasmine. The name itself means gift of God.

Lavender Origin: English | Style: Boho | Pronunciation: Lav-en-dar Meaning: A pretty floral and colour name, perfect for any nature-loving parents. Lavender flowers are thought to represent purity, silence, devotion, serenity, grace, and calmness.

Lily Origin: English | Style: Classic | Pronunciation: Lil-ee Meaning: Consistently in the top 100 UK names since 1996, Lily really is the classic of flower names. They symbolise femininity, love and purity.

Lilac Origin: English, Persian | Style: Boho | Pronunciation: Lie-lac Meaning: The sweet perfumed purple flower makes a great name for a sweet baby girl! Lilacs symbolise spring and renewal because they are early bloomers. In Russia, holding a sprig of lilac over a newborn was thought to bring wisdom.

Marigold Origin: English | Style: Modern | Pronunciation: Marry-gold Meaning: Often associated with the sun, the Marigold flower was seen as a powerful symbol in many religions including Hinduism and Buddhism - they represent power, strength, and light that lives inside of a person.

Mignonette Origin: French | Style: Vintage | Pronunciation: Meaning: This French flower-related name was hugely popular around the 1880s, so perhaps it’s time for it to bloom again? It means delicate or dainty and the flower itself is small and beautiful!

Myrtle Origin: Greek | Style: Vintage | Pronunciation: Muh-tl Meaning: Myrtle comes from the plant name Myrtus. Popular during the Victorian era, the plant was often associated with Venus, the Greek goddess of love.

Baby with flowers describing the meaning of the flower name Odeletta

Odeletta Origin: French | Style: Classic | Pronunciation: O-duh-let-tuh Meaning: If full-on floral names aren't quite your thing, why not choose this pretty French name, which means little spring.

Peony Origin: Latin | Style: Modern | Pronunciation: Pee-oh-nee Meaning: The peony is a beautiful flower, which symbolise love, happiness, romance, and beauty - so the perfect name to bestow on your little girl. The actual name means healing or praise giving.

Petal Origin: Latin, English | Style: Modern | Pronunciation: Pet-al Meaning: Can't decide on a specific floral name? Then choose this flower-related moniker, which was certainly good enough for Jamie Oliver, who named his daughter Petal Blossom Rainbow in 2009!

Poppy Origin: Latin, English | Style: Boho | Pronunciation: Pop-ee Meaning: Poppy means red flower and as the official flower of Remembrance Day, which takes place in November, it’s a popular choice for babies born in that month.

Posey Origin: English | Style: Boho | Pronunciation: Poe-see Meaning: One for parents who are looking for flower baby names, Posy literally means a small bunch of flowers. Can also be spelt Posy or Posie.

Pansy Origin: English | Style: Boho | Pronunciation: Pan-see Meaning: The name of the flower comes from the French word 'penser' meaning to think. These colourful flowers not only symbolise love, but also free thinking and thoughtfulness.

Petunia Origin: English | Style: Modern | Pronunciation: Puh-choo-nee-uh Meaning: This sweet floral name means trumpet-shaped flower. A symbol of comfort, petunias bloom throughout the summer so is the perfect name choice for any baby born during the warmer months.

Primrose Origin: English | Style: Boho | Pronunciation: Prim-rowz Meaning: The name of a flower that comes from Latin – prima rose – meaning first rose, as primroses are one of the first flowers to appear at springtime.

Pua Origin: Hawaiian | Style: Boho | Pronunciation: Poo-ah Meaning: Looking for a flower name with a tropical feel, then look no further than Pua, which means flower.

Roisin Origin: Irish | Style: Classic | Pronunciation: Ro-sheen Meaning:  A popular name in Ireland since the 16th Century, this pretty Irish name means little rose.

Rosie Origin: Latin, English | Style: Vintage | Pronunciation: Roh-see Meaning: A name popular in Victoria times. Rosie is seeing a rise in popularity. It quite simply means rose.

Snowdrop Origin: Latin, English | Style: Boho | Pronunciation: Snow-drop Meaning: Snowdrops are a symbol of life returning in the midst of winter, and also a much-needed reminder that spring will soon be returning and as such are associated with meanings of hope and rebirth.

Baby in a sunflower field

Sunflower Origin: English | Style: Boho | Pronunciation: Sun-flower Meaning: A bright and cheery flower name, it can be shortened to the very cute Sunnie.  In China, sunflowers symbolise long life, vitality and good luck - all the things you wish for your baby girl.

Tulip Origin: Persian | Style: Modern | Pronunciation: Too-lip Meaning: It comes from Persian origins and means turban, due to the distinctive shape of the flowers. They are a symbol of deep and perfect love, which you'll definitely be feeling for your new baby daughter.

Violet Origin: Latin | Gender: Girl | Style: Boho | Pronunciation: Vy-oh-lit Meaning: Beloved by many a celebrity for their daughters. Including Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck, Christina Milian and Dave Grohl, this vintage-style baby name means purple.

Wisteria Origin: English | Style: Modern | Pronunciation: Wi-steer-ee-uh Meaning: A flower that is seen as a symbol of devotion, this alternative flower name is a great choice if you want your daughter to stand out of the (flower) crowd.

Yasmin Origin: Persian | Style: Modern | Pronunciation: Yaz-min Meaning: Yasmin is a cute baby name that means jasmine flower. The most famous Yasmin is probably model Yasmin Le Bon. She was one of the highest earning models of the ‘80s.

Zara Origin: Hebrew, Arabic | Gender: Girl | Style: Boho | Pronunciation: Zahr-uh Meaning: This lovely name means blooming flower. In the ‘80s, Princess Anne bucked against royal convention by giving her daughter this floral name.

Zinnia Origin: German, Latin | Style: Boho | Pronunciation: Zin-ee-ah Meaning: Zinnias are super colourful flowers, related to the daisy. The flower was originally named after an 18th century German botanist called Johann Gottfried Zinn.

Flower name for boys

While flower names for girls continue to be popular, it can be harder finding a floral-inspired name for a little boy, that isn’t to um… flowery! There are, however, plenty of names that fit the bill and that will ensure your little boy blossoms into a grown man with style.

Aciano Origin: Spanish | Style: Boho | Pronunciation: Aa-see-aa-now Meaning: The Spanish name for the blue cornflower, it was the favourite flower of J F Kennedy, fact fans! It symbolises wealth and pride.

Admon Origin: Hebrew | Style: Boho | Pronunciation: Ad-mon Meaning: Flower names can often be, well too flowery for boys but Admon, which is a red peony flower, has a masculine edge that makes it perfect for your baby boy.

Arnit Origin: Indian | Style: Modern | Pronunciation: Ar-nit Meaning: An Indian name that means beautiful flower, it has no obvious floral undertones that may put parents of a flowery name for a boy.

Baby next to an Aster flower

Aster Origin: Greek, English | Style: Modern | Pronunciation: As-tur Meaning: An unusual unisex name that means star. The Aster is a daisy like flower that has starry-shaped flower heads.

Bud Origin: English | Style: Modern | Pronunciation: Bud Meaning: While the longer version Buddy is possibly more used as a boy's name, Bud is short and sweet. Not only does it mean brother, but it also comes with the symbolism of new growth, just like a bud on a plant.

Calix Origin: Latin | Style: Modern | Pronunciation: Cal-ix Meaning: This unusual nature name comes from the Latin word for chalice, calyx, which in turn came from the Ancient Greek word kálux, meaning husk or pod. It can also be spelt Calyx, as in chalice-shaped part of a flower.

Celandine Origin: English | Style: Modern | Pronunciation: Sel-an-deen Meaning: A unisex name that refers to bright yellow flowers from the poppy family.

Clem Origin: English | Style: Classic | Pronunciation: Klem Meaning: Even though Clem is a variation of Clement, which means mild, it also refers to the clematis flower, which is also known as the leather flower.

Crisanto Origin: Spanish, Greek | Style: Modern | Pronunciation: Cris-anto Meaning: An upgrade on Christopher, this gorgeous Spanish name means golden flower.

Fiorello Origin: Italian | Style: Boho | Pronunciation: Fior-rel-lo Meaning: Want a stylish floral name? Then look no further than this boy's name that means little flower in Italian.

Florent Origin: French, Latin | Style: Classic | Pronunciation: Flor-ahn Meaning: A form of the name Florence, which historically was used for both genders, it means flowering.

Florian Origin: French, Latin | Style: Classic | Pronunciation: Flor-ee-ahn Meaning: St Florian is the patron saint of firefighters so a perfect choice if either parent is in the fire brigade! It's Latin for flowering and is very popular in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Gilford Origin: English | Style: Classic | Pronunciation: Gil-ford Meaning: It might not sound very floral, but Gilford actually refers to a garden with yellow flowers and comes from the Old English name Guildford.

The baby name Hadley means heather field

Hadley Origin: English | Style: Classic | Pronunciation: Had-lee Meaning: A unisex name, it means heather field.

Hawthorn Origin: English | Style: Modern | Pronunciation: Haw-thorn Meaning: A type of hedge, Hawthorn is an unusual name that will ensure your son stands out from the nature crowd!

Hinata Origin: Japanese | Style: Modern | Pronunciation: Hi-na-ta Meaning: Who doesn't want a sunny name for their newborn? And this Japanese one is really bright. It means sunflower or facing the sun and makes a really unique floral name for any little boy.

Indigo Origin: Greek | Style: Boho | Pronunciation: In-dee-go Meaning: Despite being a colour, Indigo gets an honourable mention in our floral name round-up as the deep blue-purple dye comes from plants native to India. Perfect for both genders.

Jacek Origin: Polish | Style: Modern | Pronunciation: Ya-sik Meaning: Whether you want a unique name or have Polish heritage, Jacek is a perfect choice. It's a name common in Poland that means hyacinth.

Jared Origin: Hebrew | Style: Modern | Pronunciation: Jar-red Meaning: While many think this Biblical name means descent or ruling, it's also said to be Hebrew for rose. Thanks to the like of Jared Leto, it's seen a huge rise in popularity in recent years.

Jonquil Origin: French | Style: Vintage | Pronunciation: Jon-quil Meaning: Joinquil is a small, fragrant bulbous plant and looks not too dissimilar to a daffodil. This unisex name means reed.

Ketak Origin: Hindi | Style: Modern | Pronunciation: Ke-tak Meaning: A common name in India, this unusual floral boy's name means beautiful flower.

Kunal Origin: Indian | Style: Modern | Pronunciation: Ku-nal Meaning: This Indian name means lotus and comes with a good A-list pedigree as the actor Kunal Nayyar from The Big Bang Theory and Trolls shows.

Lirio Origin: Portuguese, Latin | Style: Boho | Pronunciation: Lee-ree-oh Meaning: Derived from the Latin lilium, this unique name means lily.

Lotus Origin: Greek | Style: Boho | Pronunciation: Lo-tus Meaning: A flowery unisex name, the Lotus flower is a meaningful symbol in many East Asian cultures, where it symbolises purity, enlightenment, and rebirth.

Lupin Origin: Latin | Style: Boho | Pronunciation: Loo-pin Meaning: While the meaning of this unusual name is actually pertaining to the wolf, the Lupin is a flower that symbolises imagination, admiration, and overall happiness.

Mallow Origin: Greek | Style: Modern | Pronunciation: Mal-low Meaning: This cute unisex name means soft and mellow, but it's also a plant with pretty pink flowerrs, known for their relaxing properties.

Nalin Origin: Indian | Style: Boho | Pronunciation: Nah-lin Meaning: This unusual name means lotus. In both Buddhism and the Hinduism, the lotus is symbolic of enlightenment found in difficult situations.

Oleander Origin: Greek | Style: Boho | Pronunciation: O-lee-ann-der Meaning: A pretty Mediterranean shrub,  Oleander most likely derives from the Greek word 'rhododendron', which means rose tree.

Quill Origin: Irish | Style: Classic | Pronunciation: Ren Meaning: The Pink Quill is a plant that blooms pretty violet flowers, however, the name Quill means crossing swords or strong.

Ren Origin: Japanese | Style: Classic | Pronunciation: Ren Meaning: This cute baby name suitable for a boy or girl means lotus. In Japan, the lotus is the Buddhist symbol of purity and perfection.

Rosen Origin: German, Bulgaria | Style: Modern | Pronunciation: Roh-zen Meaning: A unisex flower name that means rose or burning bush. The Bulgarian word for the dittany plant, the name comes from the oils produced by the plant, which can actually catch fire in hot weather!

Little baby next to a rose

Rhodes Origin: German | Style: Modern | Pronunciation: Roads Meaning: A strong name with a flowery meaning - this gender-neutral names means where roses grow.

Roosevelt Origin: Dutch | Style: Classic | Pronunciation: Roh-zuh-velt Meaning: As well as a name with presidential clout, it means rose field.

Rowan Origin: Irish, Scottish | Style: Boho | Pronunciation: Row-un Meaning: This lovely nature name – which means rowan tree or little red head – is popular for both boys and girls.

Sorrel Origin: French | Style: Boho | Pronunciation: So- ruhl Meaning: It means brownish orange and refers to the amber-hued herb. Definitely a name that would help your little one stand out from the floral crowd.

Talasi Origin: Native American | Style: Boho | Pronunciation: Ta-lash-ee Meaning: A unisex name that packs a floral punch, it means cornflower.

Valerian Origin: Latin | Style: Classic | Pronunciation: Va-leer-re-an Meaning: Valerian is a perennial flowering plant that bears sweetly scented pink or white flowers. Also, the name of a Roman emperor, it means strength or health.

Ward Origin: Arabic, English | Style: Modern | Pronunciation: Ward Meaning: While its English origins come from the occupation name meaning guard or watchman, in Arabic it means blossoms or flowers.

William Origin: German | Style: Classic | Pronunciation: Will-ee-uhm Meaning: There’s probably never been a year when this classic name hasn’t been popular – from Shakespeare right up to Prince William, it’s been chosen time and time again. It means resolute protection and is also the name of a flower - the Sweet William - which is a symbol of gallantry.

Yarrow Origin: English | Style: Classic | Pronunciation: Yah-row Meaning: Yarrow is a herb that grows in the wild and has long been used for its medicinal properties. It's also the name of a Scottish stream.

Zahir Origin: Arabic | Style: Modern | Pronunciation: Za-heer Meaning: A name with multiple meanings, this modern floral name means helper, supporter or blossoming.

Zein Origin: Arabic | Style: Modern | Pronunciation: Zee-an Meaning: A super modern unisex floral name, it means fragrant or beautiful plant.

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