9 gross-sounding games your kids will LOVE (even if they give you the ick)

It turns out that kids loving disgusting stuff is a part of their development, so give them a boost in the right direction with these disgusting (yet hilarious) games

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Why is it that kids seem to love gross stuff? It can be hard enough to teach your child to say 'excuse me' when their body makes a funny noise around company, or to encourage them to use a tissue instead of their finger when they need to clean their nose. But the moment there's a game that involves certain bodily functions or secretions, it's hilarious, even if it gives parents the ick (or shocks a sensitive grandparent to their core).

Even though the Squishmallow was the best selling toy of 2023, the appetite for gross-sounding games is still strong. There's even a Fart Yoga toy on the list of 2024's top toys.

Whatever the specific reason(s) for your child to love gross stuff, you'll be pleased (or possibly horrified) to know that there are a whole host of games and toys for kids that sound absolutely disgusting to adult ears, but will delight kiddies to no end. From Gassy Gus to Gooey Louie and even Fart Yoga, there's a gross game on this list for everyone.

Why do kids love gross stuff?

While these games might turn an adult's stomach, they can be a key part of your child's development. According to The Psychology of Humor, 'humor is a form of play, comprising a social context, a cognitive process, and an emotional response that is expressed through laughter.'

Things like poop, trumps and snot can be hilarious to children for multiple reasons. In part, it's because they often elicit a funny reaction from grown ups, be it laughter or pretend shock and outrage. It's also down to the child actually being allowed to say words that might have some taboo connotation. 

As they grow and their sense of humour develops, the focus on gross humour will lessen, although for many, a little glimmer of it still remains well into adulthood (no judgement here!).

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