The NEW iCandy Peach 7 - 5 things we love about the latest premium pram

iCandy Peach 7

Find out what we thought of the all-new iCandy Peach 7 when we took it for a little spin...

The iCandy Peach is a design icon. Loved because of how easily it converts from a single to a double and back again, it fared well with our parent tester when we reviewed it for our best pram buying guide - but now the premium pushchair brand has unveiled something new... the 7th generation of the iCandy Peach. As Consumer Editor of, I was recently treated to a sneak preview of the pram everyone's talking about. So here are five things we love about it the all-new iCandy Peach 7 pushchair...

1. Integrated Ride-on Board for siblings

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Brand new to the 7th generation Peach is an integrated Ride-on Board. (Hurrah, we hear you cry.) It's the perfect solution for those moments when tired little legs can't walk another step.  It's cleverly designed so that toddlers and young children (weighing up to 20kg) can stand comfortably between the pram's handlebar and the seat unit or the carrycot, but the design doesn’t compromise the single footprint of the pushchair or affect stride, brake access, or fold.

2. Bigger seat unit - with a headhugger

The iCandy Peach has always had a deep and supportive seat, but now it's 20mm longer so it won't be quickly outgrown. They also increased the seat's soft foam padding for extra comfort and the Peach 7 comes with an adjustable head hugger so there's even more cushioning for little ones who need a little more head support.

3. Removable seat pocket for valuables

One of our favourite features about the iCandy Peach 7 is the ingenious ‘Pip-Zip’ bag. It's basically a cleverly designed removable pocket that attaches to the back of the pushchair. It has two zip openings and an optional shoulder strap so it's the perfect place for stashing everyday essentials like your phone, cash and keys when you're out and about but don't want to lug a bulky changing bag - or the kitchen sink - with you. The ‘Pip-Zip’ bag zips off easily so it's also super handy for those times when you have to park the pushchair out of reach in a restaurant or cafe.

4. Easy slide ‘pop up’ harness system

Wrestling with pram straps is the bane of any new parent's life. So iCandy has perfected an easy slide 'pop up' harness system that makes it easier than ever to pop your baby in and out of the pushchair seat. This is an absolute game-changer - as any parent who has ever tried to rethread pushchair straps in a hurry after an overnight growth spurt will know. Other brands, take note. All pushchair straps should be this hassle-free.

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5. Softer suspension

Every parent wants a smooth and seamless ride for their most precious cargo, whether they're off-roading in the muddy countryside or negotiating uneven urban kerbs. The new iCandy Peach 7 has even softer suspension than its predecessors, meaning the smoothest ride for both a baby in the carrycot and an older child giving their legs a rest on the Ride-on Board.

What else can we tell you? As you'd expect and in line with previous incarnations, the iCandy Peach 7 is suitable from birth. The carrycot can also be used for permanent overnight sleeping - which is a real bonus if you're planning some travel adventures or overnight trips to catch up with friends and family.

The extending canopy features a viewing and ventilation window so it's easy to keep a close eye on your baby when you're on the go. It has hardwearing PU tyres with increased tread and grip, making it suitable for both city-slickers and 'country core' types. It's just as good for trekking up-hill-and-down-dale as it is for nipping across shiny shop floors and negotiating busy pavements. Another new feature is the handlebar - it has a larger holdable surface with a ‘tear drop’ profile designed to improve ergonomics.

The all-new iCandy Peach 7 launches this Spring in five colours (Black Edition, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Truffle, and Olive Green) and is also available to pre-order direct from iCandy for £1,199, including the Stroller, Carrycot, Footmuff, Bag, Basket, Raincover, Parasol, and the all-important Cup Holder. Co-ordinating extras include a new Peach Luxury Rucksack Bag featuring integrated pushchair clips and a Footmuff & Liner, both of which can be purchased separately. 

Want to know more? Keep an eye out for our full iCandy Peach 7 review. Coming soon...

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