iCandy Orange vs Peach: which iCandy pram is the best?

Which iCandy pram is the best: Peach, Lime, Orange or Raspberry?

Our consumer editor Heidi Scrimgeour outlines the subtle but important differences between each iCandy pram. What she doesn't know isn't worth knowing...

Before I had kids, I wanted a pair of Manolo Blahnik silk stilettos just like the ones Carrie Bradshaw wore when she married Mr. Big. But the minute I found out I was pregnant, I wanted an iCandy pram. I can't prove it, but if Carrie Bradshaw had a pram, I'm pretty sure she'd pick an iCandy.

Why? There's no mistaking the style credentials of an iCandy pram. From sleek, stylish details and luxe, premium fabrics to clever functionality, iCandy manage to make pram-pushing feel stylish. That might sound ridiculous. But when you're sleep-deprived and recovering from birth, there's something rather wonderful about not feeling frumpy when you finally leave the house as a new mum.

As a consumer editor and mum of three, I’ve known loads of parents invest in a pram for their newborn that they end up hating before their baby is out of nappies. That's because the features you look for in a pram for a newborn can quickly become annoying aspects of a pushchair for a growing toddler. A carrycot is great for the first six months - but where do you store it once you've blinked and your baby has outgrown it? 

iCandy Peach pram

And a robust, heavy pushchair frame will protect your precious cargo from feeling every bump beneath the wheels, but it’s a nightmare to lug up a flight of steps with a heavy toddler on board. A travel system is indispensable for the year that your baby needs an infant car seat, but once they've outgrown it, the frame can feel way too bulky for weaving in and out of shops and cafes.

Genuinely, no one I know has had any of these issues with an iCandy. When the rest of us are trading in our gigantic travel systems for nippier pushchairs once our toddlers weigh a ton, iCandy parents are smiling quietly and congratulating themselves on their clever buying decision.

Is iCandy a good brand?

A British family-run business that has been around since 1933, iCandy is a trustworthy, premium brand with a reputation for pioneering product development and stylish design. The business began with brothers Bradley and Warren Appel, whose grandfather Charles started a fashion company in the 1930s. Eventually, the firm diversified into making cycling helmets and car seats for kids. From there, they delved into nursery gear and eventually into luxurious designer prams.

Overall, iCandy prams are a clever marriage of style and substance. Featuring on-trend colours and premium fabrics that wouldn't seem out of place on the catwalk, they're also super functional. You'd like to choose which way your baby faces? Check. You'd like to add an extra seat if your family grows instead of needing a new pram? Check. Do you want to be able to fold it with one hand? Check. In addition, every iCandy pram comes with a lifetime warranty.

It's no surprise that iCandy prams are also a popular pushchair choice for the Royal Family. Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank shared pictures on Instagram of their son August in his pram - the iCandy Peach. And Zara Tindall, the Queen's eldest granddaughter, has the Special Edition iCandy for Land Rover All-Terrain pushchair.

iCandy was also the first brand to dream up the 'convertible' pushchair, which starts as a single but converts to a double when your family grows - then back to a single when the oldest child no longer needs a ride. (If only everything in parenthood was as easy as going from one to two kids when you own an iCandy pram or pushchair.)

Design features: Which iCandy pram is the best

First, let's cover the key differences between each iCandy pram.

Why do people love iCandy prams so much? What iCandy does especially well is multifunctional design. Multifunctionality - a product's ability to do more than one thing or be used in more than one way - seems baked into their designs. The carrycots are suitable for overnight sleeping. The seat risers - which don’t cost extra - mean you can bring your baby closer to the conversation when you’re out with friends and stop for coffee - or even use the pushchair as a highchair when you’re out for lunch. And a weight limit of 25kg means your child won't outgrow an iCandy pram or pushchair - they can keep hopping aboard all the way up to age four, or thereabouts. Another bonus of an iCandy pram is that they're compatible with several reputable car seat brands, including Maxi Cosi, Cybex, and Nuna. 

Which is the best iCandy pram?

There's an iCandy to suit everyone. Go for the iCandy Peach - which made our roundup of the best prams - if you need a luxe all-rounder for 1-2 children. Pick the iCandy Orange if it's for a baby but you already have a little one. Choose the iCandy Lime if it's for one child and/or you're short on storage space in your hallway or car boot. And choose the Raspberry if it's for one child and you live in the city or plan to travel with it.

All iCandy prams come with a 5-year manufacturer’s guarantee. That means your child will have outgrown it by the time the guarantee ends, so an iCandy pushchair is highly likely to be the only set of wheels your little one will ever need.

Here's how to work out which is the best iCandy pram for you.

iCandy Peach All-Terrain

Weighs: 12.48kg | Suitable: Birth to 25kg

If you’re expecting your first baby, go for the iCandy Peach. It comes with the carrycot included, which is suitable for overnight sleeping. That makes overnight trips and holidays with your baby a dream. It’s compact and free-standing when folded - a godsend if you park your pram by your front door and you don’t live in a mansion. And if your brood grows, you can easily convert it to a double pushchair. The iCandy Peach comes with adaptors so you can attach an infant car seat to the frame. That makes life easy when you’re moving back and forth between the pram and the car with your baby. It also has puncture-proof tyres for muddy off-road walks and lockable swivel front wheels for whizzing over shiny shop floors. It has a reclining seat that you can adjust with one hand. (Lots of brands say that but it's true with the iCandy Peach - we've tested it.)

Everyone knows the iCandy Peach. You can spot one at twenty paces. (You probably admired the dress sense of the parent pushing it too.) Billed as the ‘definitive luxury single to double pushchair’, the iCandy Peach is a design classic. 

NOW £754.99 | Kiddies Kingdom

iCandy Peach - WAS £1198.99 NOW £754.99 | Kiddies Kingdom

Get a huge discount of £444 off the classic iCandy Peach pram right now at Kiddies Kingdom. You can attach a car seat so it has everything you need to take your baby from birth to toddlerhood and beyond. And it can convert to a double if 2023 brings the patter of more tiny feet!

iCandy Lime

Weighs: 10.2kg | Suitable: Birth to 25kg

The iCandy Lime doesn't convert to a double pushchair. But it's lighter than the Peach and its big appeal lies in how quickly and easily you can fold it - handy for storage or travel purposes. It even has a handy strap for carrying. Other than that, it has many of the features of the iCandy Peach, including the integrated ride-on board, a roomy 10kg basket, and a carrycot suitable for overnight sleeping. Like the Peach, the seats can be positioned in either parent-facing or world-facing modes so you can choose whether to chat to your little one or let them take in the world around them. It also has an integrated ride-on board and can be used until your not-so-little one weighs 25kg.

Overall, the iCandy Lime has all the functionality of a larger pushchair but with the nippy, lighter appeal of a compact urban stroller. 

NOW £604 | Amazon

iCandy Lime pushchair - WAS £755 NOW £604 | Amazon

Save £75 on the iCandy Lime right now at Amazon. With an integrated ride-on board for an older sibling, it's the ideal pram for a growing family. It folds compactly - major bonus if you have a small car boot or a narrow hallway to store it in.

iCandy Raspberry

Weighs: 8.8kg | Suitable: Birth to 25kg

If this was an episode of Friends, we’d call this the lightweight urban one. It's easy to steer, even through crowds and tiny aisles, and light enough to lift so you can pop it in the car boot without thinking twice. The iCandy Raspberry is the lightweight pushchair of the iCandy portfolio, designed for city and travel use. But unlike many other lightweight urban strollers, the iCandy Raspberry is suitable from birth, thanks to a lie-flat seat unit. (Babies under six months old should lie completely flat in a pram or pushchair so upright buggy seats aren't practical.)

But if you’d prefer a carrycot, it's available to buy separately and compatible with this frame. You can convert the iCandy Raspberry to a travel system if you wish to add a car seat - just buy the adaptors and a compatible car seat separately. The basket is a little smaller (5kg), as you'd expect on a lightweight pushchair. But the handle height is adjustable - handy for holidays with friends and family members who want a go a 'driving' the pushchair.

iCandy Raspberry pushchair - WAS £762 NOW £250 | iCandy

iCandy Raspberry pushchair - WAS £762 NOW £250 | iCandy

Snap up the Raspberry while it's a bargain at iCandy and before you plan your summer holiday. This is the perfect travel pushchair but it's robust enough to use from birth and has a lie-flat reclining seat.

iCandy Orange

Weighs: 12.1kg | Suitable: Birth to 25kg

This is the iCandy pram to go for if you want a future-proof pushchair for more than one child. Like the Peach, you can convert the iCandy Orange from a single to a double pushchair. And back again, once the oldest child prefers to walk everywhere. Both kiddos can be parent-facing at the same time, which is a nice touch for encouraging those all-important communication skills. It also has an integrated ride-on board.

The iCandy Orange has it all. There's softer suspension and optimised tyre tread to boost your baby's comfort factor, but in the sleek, premium package you’d expect from an iCandy pram. The chassis is light and streamlined, and it comes with a change bag and DuoPod footmuff. The options are endless with the iCandy Orange - it offers cinema-style seating (on-board movies not provided...) and 30 different possible seat configurations. It also has an integrated ride-on board and it converts to a travel system with adaptors, which are included in the price. And the 64 litre capacity basket can hold a lot of wine. Sorry, bread. We mean bread and nappies, of course.

NOW £749.25 | John Lewis

iCandy Orange pushchair - WAS £899 NOW £749.25 | John Lewis

The latest pram in the iCandy portfolio has an integrated ride-on board for an older sibling and comes with a Duo Pod footmuff and changing bag included. If your family grows, you can convert it to a double or twin with the footprint of a single pushchair.

What features do iCandy prams share?

All iCandy prams have these features in common:

  • Carrycot suitable for permanent overnight sleeping
  • Car seat compatible
  • Reversible parent and world facing seat unit (in single mode)
  • Chassis is freestanding when folded
  • Height adjustable handle
  • All-round suspension
  • Front swivel wheels
  • Spacious basket
  • Weight limit (single mode): 25kg
Heidi Scrimgeour
Deputy Editor

As a parenting specialist for more than 15 years, Heidi has written for most national newspapers and for a wide range of consumer magazines, including Mother & Baby where she was the Shopping Editor for six years, looking after regular consumer features including buying guides and gift roundups.