Joe Wicks reveals girlfriend Rosie Jones suffered a miscarriage before falling pregnant with baby Indie

Joe Wicks

The Body Coach, has spoken candidly about becoming a father.

Joe Wicks, known online as The Body Coach, has spoken about experiencing a tragic miscarriage before the arrival of baby daughter Indie.

Speaking on Giovanna Fletcher's Happy Mum Happy Baby podcast, Joe revealed that his girlfriend Rosie Jones sadly lost an unborn baby before falling pregnant for a second time.

The 33-year-old fitness coach explained that he had only just began to try for a baby with 27-year-old Rosie when she 'fell pregnant really quickly'.

Joe explained: 'She [Rosie] fell pregnant really quick but unfortunately that baby was her miscarriage.'

Following their heartbreak, Joe and Rosie were lucky to fall pregnant again very shortly after - and, this time, their pregnancy ended in the wonderful arrival of baby Indie.

'It didn't quite progress but two months later she fell pregnant again and then Indie was born.'

Credit: @thebodycoach/ Instagram

Speaking of Indie's arrival, Joe told mother-of-three Giovanna: 'It was the most powerful thing. People have the fear of going into labour, but I think Rosie was so prepared for it'

He then explained that the couple opted to have a hypnobirth (opens in new tab) at home - which is a method of pain management that can be used during labour.

Joe shared: 'Rosie was amazing. She hypnobirthed at home and when we went to the hospital she was seven centimetres dilated and we hadn’t realised she was so far along.'

The coach added: 'She was just so controlled of her breathing and really got in the right zone for it. It was a wonderful experience and I also didn’t think that I was going to watch but I watched everything.'

Gaby Levy/Dundas Communications

While baby Indie might only be a matter of months old, Joe revealed he already has plans to make her a big sister - to none other than three more babies!

Joe shared: 'I said to Rosie I want to have four kids and she is well up for it.'

We'll have to watch this space for three more mini Body Coaches, then Joe!

Words by Alice-Rose Perry

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