Aldi announce their sell-out £40 pizza oven is back in stock soon - but you've got to be quick

Aldi storefront

Aldi have announced that their sell-out £40 pizza oven is coming back into stock soon - but you've got to be quick to get your hands on one this time. 

The family-favourite supermarket have been famous for their Special Buys range for years now, with their garden furniture becoming the latest coveted items in the range. Over the last bank holiday, a sale on their outdoor egg chair caused a huge queue on the website and the chair sold out in just minutes.

They've added new products to the range recently, including an outdoor den kit for kids, but these hot items tend to fly off the shelves before many customers can buy one.

Luckily though, Aldi re-stock many of their much-loved middle aisle products frequently. The latest re-stock is the popular £40 pizza oven, which appeared on the website in March but quickly sold out.

The company have revealed that the pizza oven will return to Aldi in May. It will be available to buy online from Sunday, May 9 and then in stores from Sunday, May 16.

Aldi pizza oven, which will come back into stock soon

Credit: Aldi

As the temperature begins to climb and families are now allowed to meet up with other people outdoors, barbecues and back garden picnics are set to become very popular in the next couple of months.

While many pizza ovens normally cost in the region of hundreds (sometimes thousands!) of pounds, this one from Aldi is just £40. It means you can get fully kitted out for an alfresco dinner, without having to break the bank.

But even before the pandemic, Aldi pizza ovens sold out in record time. So this summer, more than ever before, we reckon you're going to have to be quick to score the Aldi pizza oven when it's back in stock.

The oven will appear on the website from the early hours of the morning on May 9, with delivery available depending on where you live. If you miss out on the online sale or want to buy in-store, the pizza oven will appear in the Special Buys aisle from the following weekend.

To use the Aldi pizza oven, you must already own a barbecue as the oven uses the heat from the barbecue to cook the pizza. It's a completely portable appliance though, with two carry handles and attachments included to help you set it up on the barbecue.

The ceramic stone base in the oven helps to cook pizzas (up to 12 inches in size) in just 10 minutes. As well as delivering tasty, crispy crust pizzas every time, the oven is easy to clean and comes with a three year guarantee.

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