Aldi's sell-out children's swing is back - for a bargain price!

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Budget retailer Aldi has announced that its sell-out children's garden swing is back and it's only £30!

Following the success of the cat-friendly hanging egg chairs (opens in new tab), Aldi has launched a slew of cheap outdoor toys for kids (opens in new tab) that will keep the whole family busy in the upcoming sunny days.

And the garden swing is no exception, as it is equipped with ropes that can be used to secure it to a tree branch or a pre-existing metal swing set.

The swing, according to Aldi, takes up four square metres of space. It's available for purchase online, (opens in new tab) but shipping will cost you at least £3.95.

Kids' Garden Nest Swing
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The water-resistant nest seat is 110cm in length. The swing's height may also be adjusted, and it can support up to 150kg of weight.

It's big enough for small children to enjoy both sitting or lying down, and they can jump on with one friend, of course under supervision.

Although, since it doesn't come with a stand, you should check that you have a suitable location to hang it from as well as enough room in your garden.

The swing, according to Aldi, takes up four square metres of space. It's available for purchase online, but shipping will cost you at least £3.95.

But if you're already planning a quick shopping trip to Aldi why not pick one up in stores.

However, stock might vary by store, and because the swing is part of Aldi's extremely popular Specialbuys department, it may sell out as it has in the past.

If all of this sounds tempting, why not check out some outdoor den kits for kids (opens in new tab)? The play tents are fun whether used inside or outside and are ideal for giving your little ones a sense of adventure and independence this summer.

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