Argos has epic deals on Nerf water guns and they're perfect for the hot half-term ahead

Argos Nerf water guns
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Argos is selling Nerf water guns for an epic price and they're perfect for the hot half-term ahead.

Argos has slashed the prices of its Nerf water guns - just in time for some sun-soaked half-term fun.

It comes after shoppers were obsessed with Argos' £40 pizza oven, now the catalogue store is offering something for the children to be obsessed with.

The new outdoor toy deals have been launched online and customers can pick up two Nerf guns water pistols for as little as £15 for two and they'd be great teamed up with the best paddling pools.

The Nerf super soaker splash mouth water blaster is normally £10 each but you can buy two - perfect for your kids and a friend - or why not get involved in the action too and save £5.

Nerf Super Soaker Splash Mouth

£10 or 2 for £15 at Argos

Argos Nerf super soaker splash mouth

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The Nerf Super Soaker Splash Mouth water blaster has two modes for unleashing water on your unsuspecting opponents. Battlers can either pump to fire a stream of water, or they can open the hatch and fling all the water in one tremendous wave. Simply switch between modes to blast or dump the tank of water which holds up to 20 fluid ounces (591 milliliters).

When you need to re-fill simply open the flap and dunk the gun into the water to fill quickly.

Meanwhile, if you want to supersize your water pistol and add a touch of nostalgia then the Nerf Super Soaker Retro XP50-AP Water Blaster is the one with a whopping 709ml capacity.

But with Argos currently having an offer on that model too, you can pick up two pistols for just £30.

Nerf Super Soaker Retro XP50-AP Water Blaster

£17 or 2 for £30 at Argos

Argos Nerf Super Soaker Retro XP50-AP Water Blaster

(Image credit: Argos)

Normally £17 each, but you can buy two for £30 - saving £4 while giving someone else the chance to get involved in the water fight.

It features the original air-pressurized water launching mechanism and classic styling. To use, simply fill the tank, pump the handle to pressurize the tank, then pull the trigger to unleash a continuous, air-powered blast of water.

And for parents who are familiar with the retro design (H25.72, W49.2, D7.6cm), it will bring back the pressurized mechanism and classic styling of the original Super Soaker water blasters for a splashtastic blast from the past. Suitable for children aged six and above.

Alternatively, if you'd like to stock up on water reserves, look no further than the Xshot Bunch O Balloons Crazy Colours pack of water balloons.

Normally one pack of 100 will cost £9, but that Amazon is currently selling in three-pack containing 280 water filling balloons for £18.50 - giving you an extra 80 balloons for 50p extra.

ZURU Bunch O Balloons 280 Rapid-Filling Self-Sealing Water Balloons

View at Amazon

Bunch O Balloons,

(Image credit: Bunch O Balloons)

The self-sealable water balloons fill in 60 seconds, and they are made from recycled plastic and are fully recyclable. When you are looking for things to do with kids, there are plenty of boredom buster ideas that offer extra ways to have fun with the balloons – the first step for all is to fill & tie 100 balloons in 60 seconds:

  • Water Balloon Bowling – set up 10 empty plastic bottles. Try to knock them over using the water balloons.
  • Trampoline Bounce – place the balloons on the trampoline. See how many you can bounce off by jumping on the trampoline.
  • Hide & Seek – assign your first finder. Game on! If you get hit by the taggers with a water balloon, you’re out!

What are you waiting for? Grab your friends, fill up your water weapons, and have some fun in the sun!

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