Shoppers are raving over this £4 miracle bathroom spray that banishes black mould in minutes

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  • Amazon shoppers are raving over a miracle £4 cleaning product that gets rid of black mould in minutes.

    During the pandemic, it’s important to keep your home and surfaces clean, and luckily there are some genius hacks out there to help.

    Black mould, however, is the enemy of all homes and the pesky stuff can be seriously hard to get rid of for good. 

    Warm, damp or poorly ventilated places can become the perfect breeding ground for mould – that’s why you often find the stubborn grime in grouting, between tiles and in damp corners of the bathroom. 

    Now savvy Amazon Shoppers have found a miracle product that they say totally banishes black mould, leaving homes spick and span. 

    HG Bathroom Mould Spray

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    HG mould spray on Amazon

    HG Bathroom Mould Spray is being heralded as a miracle mould cleaner. Amazon says the spray, ‘immediately destroys fungus and algae in damp places inside and out’.

    The spray can be used on virtually any surface, from tiles to toilets, grouting, walls and even swimming pools.

    Over 11,000 customers are raving about the spray and it has hundreds of five-star reviews. 

    It has an incredible bargain price tag too, costing just over £4.

    One shopper said, ‘After 15 minutes, I noticed that the mould spots were a light brown colour and looked wetter…when I came back to clean it off, all the mould was GONE.’

    Person cleaning bathroom sink with sponge -

    Another fan added, ‘This stuff is a bloody miracle worker. The mould literally disappeared in a few moments in front of my eyes. After a month it has also failed to return.’

    A third wrote, ‘Wow, so impressed. I had mould buildup in my shower, between the tiles and around the tub. Tried various products, none worked. This is like magic, all gone! Didn’t have to even scrub.’

    How to use HG Bathroom Mould Spray

    Simply spray it onto the areas affected and leave for 30 minutes, then rinse with water and wipe with a sponge. For more stubborn areas you may need to reapply and leave for another 30 minutes.

    Also, remember to open a window as the product contains bleach which shouldn’t be inhaled.