Save £550 on this Reebok treadmill with Sports Direct's fitness deals

Never worry about squeezing into the 5pm gym rush again with this incredible Black Friday treadmill deal from Reebok at Sports Direct.

This state-of-the-art, foldable Reebok running machine is now a HUGE £550 off in the Sports Direct sale, bringing down the full £1,199 price tag down to just £649. As well as having everything you'd want for your workout, like detailed statistics on everything from calories burnt to miles run, its multiple incline and speed levels offers the chance for you to not only build-up your fitness but continue to improve it over time. So whether you're looking to swap your outdoor run for something a little warmer in the winter weather, avoid the hustle and bustle of the gym, or want to get fitter in the new year, this running machine is the must-have for those looking to buy.

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Black Friday Reebok treadmill deal

Reebok ZR10 Treadmill - £1,199 £649 (SAVE £550)
This Reebok treadmill combines sleek design with a solid workout performance. It has a 2HP motor, 24 pre-set programmes, is user defined, and has target programmes for a high-quality and varied workout. To enhance this, the machine also has an incline level of 0 - 15% so you can really amp up the power. It also has an LCD screen so you can track everything from speed to distance, calories, pulse, heart rate and more during your run.

This treadmill from Sports Direct also has a good storage option, unlike many of the others on sale. When expanded, the machine measures L174cm x W 83cm x H 142cm. But it also has an easy, drop folding mechanism so you can move it to the side when it's not in use if you want. When folded, the treadmill measures L 109cm x W 83cm x H 149cm, so it's the perfect choice for anyone - whether you have a complete home gym set up or a smaller space in the living room.

With a host of exclusively 5-star reviews on the website, we can't believe the amazing deal on this running machine! "I have been using this product now for over 3 months and I love it," one buyer said. "It helped me to carry on running through the cold and weather winter months. The programs set on it has really helped me with interval training and building up my milage. Would recommend."

Another said, "I needed to replace my old hard treadmill that was causing me issues with my knees and the belt had gone. This is a great treadmill for the price. It has a softer running surface and I have had no issues at all with my knees since. It offers a faster speed and great incline. This means means you can keep pushing yourself more and more as you get fitter."

More Black Friday running machine deals

Reebok Astroride A2.0 Treadmill - £800 £499 (SAVE £301)
With the same elite cushioning technology, the Astroride is another great option - now over £300 off! It has 36 pre-set workouts and 3-user defined programmes. So you can either pick your run or just go for a job. The treadmill's 1.5 HP motor also offers a speed of up to 13 kph across two different include levels. There's also an in-built LCD display so you can check your stats.
Reebok GT40 S Treadmill - £899£599 (SAVE £300)
This running machine is for anyone looking to improve their fitness over the coming year. The GT40 S helps runners hit their targets with a 2HP motor. It has 12 incline levels and in-built cardio workouts, as well as the standing 'just run' feature. There's an important stats on the 5" LCD too, so you're able to view your workout and stay motivated.
Echelon Stride Connect Folding Treadmill - £1699 £1399 (SAVE £300)
If you're particularly after a folding running machine, this is another amazing option. This one folds to just 26 cm! It features an impact-absorbing running deck, 12 different levels and 10% incline feature, along with auto-folding technology. Live and on-demand studio fitness classes are also available with Echelon community support and inspiration.

Each of these running machines offers you the chance to improve your cardiovascular fitness and get moving - while staying at home. Over the last year, many of these models sold out as hundreds looked to revamp their setup in lockdown. But now they're finally back in-stock and on sale for Black Friday! So there's really no better time to snap up this Black Friday treadmill deal than now.

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