Best Black Friday / Cyber Monday KitchenAid deals 2021 from Amazon, Currys and more

A selection of the best KitchenAid deals on Cyber Monday 2021

Bag yourself a bargain today with these amazing Black Friday / Cyber Monday KitchenAid deals and discounts. The top deals for this year are from retailers such as Amazon, Currys, Wayfair, Lakeland, and more.

We’ve rounded up the best Cyber Monday KitchenAid deals for 2021. From £158 off a KitchenAid Heavy Duty Mixer at Amazon to £60 off a KitchenAid 2.1L Food Processor at Lakeland.

Cyber Monday is the perfect time to get money off your favourite KitchenAid products, from cookware to must-have stand mixers. This Cyber Monday, KitchenAid is offering incredible discounts up to 50% off across the whole KitchenAid range. So if you want to save over £100 on KitchenAid Artisan stand mixer and more, see all of the best deals below.

Plus look out for the Cyber Monday Ninja deals and a few tempting Cyber Monday coffee machine deals. Perfect if you’re in the market to update your whole kitchen gadget department.

Best Black Friday / Cyber Monday KitchenAid deals - at a glance

Highlights for Cyber Monday include the following KitchenAid deals and discounts:

Best Black Friday / Cyber Monday KitchenAid deals

Our roundup includes the following best Cyber Monday KitchenAid deals:

Best Black Friday / Cyber Monday KitchenAid stand mixer deals

KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer, 4.8L - £499.99 £399 (SAVE £100.99) | VERY.CO.UK
This Artisan Stand Mixer comes in a rare pebbled palm colourway with a unique textured bowl. It's ideal for those who want their appliance to have a little more subtlety.
KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer, 4.8L - £522.92 £474.21 (SAVE £48.71) | Wayfair
Save over £70 on this KitchenAid mixer. Available in a cool Almond Cream, this Artisan Stand Mixer comes with six different accessories and has a bowl capacity of 4.8L.
KitchenAid Artisan Mixer, 4.8L - £499 £399 (SAVE £100) | Currys
An amazing deal saving you £100 off. Coming in a cool Milkshake colour, this 4.8L KitchenAid is a great one for mixing everything from bread dough to egg whites. It comes with three accessories and a stainless steel mixing bowl.
KitchenAid Artisan Mixer, 4.8L - £484.64 £439.97 (SAVE £44.67) | Amazon
This unique ice blue Artisan Mixer would look perfect on your kitchen counter. Now over £40 off on Amazon, it has 10 different speeds and turns out a maximum of 300 watts of mixing power with every turn.
KitchenAid Artisan Mixer, 6.9 L - £699 £674 (SAVE £25) | Amazon
This metallic Artisan mixer comes in a bigger 6.9L size and has four attachments for your mixing needs: whisk, beater, dough hook, and a pouring shield. Up to 2 working day delivery.
KitchenAid Heavy Duty Mixer, 6.9L - £791.99 £633.94 (SAVE £158.05) | Amazon
This heavy-duty mixer might not have the classic KitchenAid look - but it's packed full of features and ideal for baking. As well as the bowl, it comes with a stainless steel whisk, nylon-coated flat beater, and a dough hook.
KitchenAid Classic Stand Mixer, 4.3L - £327.99 £299 (SAVE £28) | Amazon
This KitchenAid mixer is the original, meaning it's slightly smaller than the others at 4.3L. Set in a stunning black onyx colour, it comes with all the attachments you'll need, including a whisk, dough hook, flat beater, and stainless steel bowl.
KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer 5KSM125BFG - Matte Grey, 4.8L - £399 £369 (SAVE £30) |
Reviewed 5/5 stars by customers, this matte grey stand mixer will take pride of place on your kitchen counter. We also love that this deal includes free next-day delivery.

Best Black Friday / Cyber Monday KitchenAid kitchen appliance deals

KitchenAid 5KCM0802BAC KitchenAidPour Over Coffee Maker - £129 £109 (SAVE £20) | Amazon
Save £20 on this 12-cup coffee maker by KitchenAid. We love the retro look and feel of this model. The touchscreen element is a hi-tech bonus.
KitchenAid 5KHB1231BOB Classic Hand Blender - £74.95 £71.95 (SAVE £3) | Amazon
Rated 4.5 stars by Amazon customers, this hand blender mixes anything from guacamole to soup. It has a powerful 2-speed DC motor. Free delivery available.
KitchenAid 5KHM9212BER 9 Speed Hand Mixer - Empire Red - £148.97 £89.97 (SAVE £59) | Appliances Direct
This speed hand mixer comes with turbo beaters and whisk. Great for mixing cake batter, dough, and more. A 2-year warranty applies to this mixer.
KitchenAid Artisan 5KMT2204BIB 2-Slice Toaster - Ink Blue - £199 £189 (SAVE £10) | Currys
With a defrost, reheat, and bagel toasting function, this toaster is top class. It will look like the part on your kitchen counter with a shiny ink blue finish.
KitchenAid 2.1L Food Processor Empire Red 5KFP0919BER - £179.99 £119.99 (SAVE £60) | Lakeland
Save a massive £60 off this retro food processor. This model features a multi-purpose blade, and slicing discs. We love how easy it is to clean too.
KitchenAid Design Almond Cream 1.5L Jug Kettle - £115 £79.95 (SAVE £35.05) | Harts of Stur
Treat yourself to this cream dual-wall kettle, which keeps hot water hotter for longer. Save just over £35 with this Cyber Monday deal.
KitchenAid 2-slot Toaster Crystal Blue - £109 £54.50 (SAVE £54.50) | Harts of Stur
Save an incredible 50% off this electric blue toaster from KitchenAid. This toaster has a variety of functions including buns and bagel toasting functions too.

Best Cyber Monday KitchenAid cookware deals

KitchenAid Stainless Steel Non-Stick Saucepan Set - £129.99 £79 (SAVE £50.99) | Amazon
Get a massive £50.99 off this 3-piece cookware set by KitchenAid. Amazon offers free delivery and free returns on this set.
KitchenAid Stainless Steel Non-Stick Frying Pan Set - £169.99 £135.60 (SAVE £34.30) | Amazon
Get 20% off this non-stick frying pan set. We love that these pans are also oven safe to 220C. They are also dishwasher safe.
KitchenAid Stainless Steel Non-Stick Wok 28cm, Silver - £69.90 £52.60 (SAVE £17.30) | Amazon
A great addition to your cookware range, this KitchenAid wok is suitable for all cooking surfaces: gas, ceramic, induction and electric
KitchenAid Stainless Steel Non-Stick Skillet - £99.90 £95.26 (SAVE £4.64) | Amazon
This modern skillet comes with a lid complete with 2 side handles for easy transportation, from hob to oven. Free delivery available.

Best Cyber Monday KitchenAid bundle deals

KitchenAid Artisan Mix and Blend set - £878 £790.20 (SAVE £87.80) | KitchenAid
Get the iconic blender and stand mixer in a bundle with this deal. Choose from a variety of different colours including candy apple red and pebbled palm. With a staggering £87.80 off.
KitchenAid Classic Breakfast Set - £168 £134.40 (SAVE £33.60) | KitchenAid
This modern duo would look perfect on your kitchen counter. Both toaster and kettle have been voted 4.5 stars on the KitchenAid website.

Where can you find the best Cyber Monday KitchenAid deals?

Amazon is one of the leading retailers when it comes to kitchen appliances. They have everything from Cyber Monday blender deals to Cyber Monday slow cooker deals - and KitchenAid's are no exception, with some of the best deals listed above.

Lakeland, Currys, and Wayfair are another handful of brands that are quick to launch a range of Cyber Monday KitchenAid deals. is another that is currently offering up to 14% off KitchenAid mixers.

Make sure to keep in mind when buying your mixer that some retailers offer free delivery, some have a free click and collect option, some even have next day delivery - just make sure you shop around, not just for the best Cyber Monday KitchenAid deal, but for the best delivery options to suit you too.

Best value KitchenAid for Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2021

The best value KitchenAid for Black Friday 2021

The best value KitchenAid for Cyber Monday 2021
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✅ Great for making traditional baked goods, like cakes and cookies ✅ Lightweight ✅ Easy to manoeuvre with the tilt-head function❌ Not ideal for heavy use due to the lower-powered motor ❌ Stainless steel bowl does not have a handle

If you're looking for the best budget mixer, it's got to be the KitchenAid Classic Stand Mixer, 4.3L - £349 £299 (SAVE £50) on Amazon.

If you're a once-in-a-while baker, the KitchenAid Classic is the ideal model to begin with. Coming in at over £100 less than the Artisan Mixer even when it's not in the sale, this simple appliance is undoubtedly the least expensive option. But it's still so worth the money.

This KitchenAid is made with the same parts as the more technical KitchenAid mixers, it has a strong motor (250 watts) and a spacious working stainless steel bowl. While it's on the smaller side with a 4.3L bowl, it handles standard bakes - like cookies, brownies, cake, and occasional bread dough - just fine.

The best KitchenAid mixer to buy on Black Friday / Cyber Monday

KitchenAid Empire Red Artisan Stand Mixer

The best KitchenAid model for Cyber Monday 2021
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✅ Ideal for making most everyday baked goods, including bread dough ✅ Compatible with all KitchenAid attachments ✅ Relatively lightweight compared to other models ✅ Stainless steel bowl has a handle attachment❌ Not enough wattage to make large amounts of super stiff dough

The perfect KitchenAid mixer for non-professional cake and bread bakers to buy on Cyber Monday is the KitchenAid Artisan Mixer, available in 47 different colours.

KitchenAid Artisan mixer deals

While the top model is naturally the best pick, Goodto's Consumer Editor Heidi Scrimgeour says it depends on what you're going to use the mixer for exactly. "The Artisan Mixer is great value for money, perfect for those who love casual baking. While there are more high-tech options with bigger mixing capabilities, they're very expensive and not necessarily worthwhile if you're not planning on going professional."

Heidi adds, "I’m always going to say the same thing - if you’re investing in a ‘big ticket' item for your kitchen and can afford the top range model, go for it. A premium model is typically more expensive for good reasons - the features and functionality will outperform the cheaper models and you’re practically guaranteed to get more bang for your buck."

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What is the difference between a KitchenAid Artisan mixer and other models?

The Mini (which is also Artisan) is the smallest option but not the cheapest. It has a 3.3L capacity, comes with three attachments, and is ideal for people with smaller kitchens. It currently costs £349 on the KitchenAid website.

The Artisan models have bigger bowls, more powerful motors and come in many colours. These models start from £399. The 4.3L Classic model only comes in black or white. Yet it still offers the same degree of reliability and the same speed options as Artisan mixers. According to KitchenAid, it's a 'popular entry-level model.' It is currently £349 on Amazon.

It’s worth noting that if you sign up to the KitchenAid newsletter you get 5% discount off your next purchase.

Difference between a KitchenAid Mini, KitchenAid Classic and the KitchenAid Classic Artisan shown as Black Friday KitchenAid deals 2021 are announced

Difference between a KitchenAid Mini, KitchenAid Classic and the KitchenAid Classic Artisan, Credit: KitchenAid.

What is the difference between the KitchenAid Tilt-Head and Bowl-Lift mixers?

The KitchenAid Tilt-Head Mixer is the classic design you'll recognise anywhere. It allows you to tilt the top of the mixer so you have easier access to the bowl. The small and medium models are Tilt-Head and are generally used in domestic kitchens. They come in 3.3L , 4.3L or 4.8L bowl capacity.

The Bowl-Lift Mixer is larger and sturdier with a bigger bowl capacity of either 4.8L or 6.9L. These have arms that pick up the bowl to bring it closer to the central attachment (such as a whisk or paddle). These models are better adapted for larger-scale baking and cooking so are popular with professionals.

KitchenAid tilt-head mixer and KitchenAid Bowl-lift mixer

The difference between a KitchenAid tilt-head mixer and KitchenAid Bowl-lift mixer, Credit: KitchenAid.

What accessories come with your KitchenAid mixer?

All KitchenAid models come equipped with three stand mixer accessories. These are guaranteed to save you time in the kitchen - whatever you're whipping up:

  • Wire whip: The whisk is your go-to gadget when making a meringue. Or any other recipes that require egg-beating for that matter. Similarly, it can whip cream and is a timesaver with homemade sauces like mayonnaise.
  • Flat beater: Perfect for mixing together thicker ingredients like cake mixtures and batter.
  • Dough hook: Exactly what it says on the tin. Your dough hook expertly mixes your pizza or pasta dough for professional results every time.

These accessories are made from a mix of stainless steel and aluminum. And this is a conscious choice so that they can continue to do the job after 5 years plus. It's worth noting though that they aren't dishwasher safe. So be sure to hand wash if you want to keep them in mint condition and working for longevity.

Are KitchenAid mixers worth the money on Black Friday / Cyber Monday?

There's no doubt about it, hundreds of pounds is a lot of money. But you have to consider what you get out of a KitchenAid Stand Mixer.

Design: It works so well it’s only been slightly modified over the years. In fact, KitchenAid parts are still compatible with models going as far back as the 1930s. They are also solid, reliable, energy-efficient, and easy to clean.

Quality: When you purchase a KitchenAid Stand Mixer you can expect to own a quality product you probably won’t have to replace in your lifetime. There’s a good reason why celebrity chefs and professional kitchens use KitchenAid Stand Mixers – these are appliances that are built to last.

Versatile: They’re probably the most versatile appliance in your kitchen. These mixers can form a dough, mix cake batter, whisk eggs, whip creamed potatoes and make butter from cream, and that’s before you’ve even used any of the extra attachments. Extras allow cooks to roll and cut pasta, grind meat, stuff sausages, slice and dice vegetables, shred cheese and veggies, core fruit, spiralise, make ice cream, mill flour, and juice – amongst other uses.

Aesthetics: If aesthetics mean a lot to you, KitchenAid Stand Mixers are sleek and shiny stainless steel. What's more, there's a range of colours so you’re likely to find one to match your kitchen. There are currently 30 colours to choose from, with names such as Candy Apple, Majestic Yellow, Fog Blue, Pebbled Palm, and Velvet Blue. You can also personalise your mixer. Just add a different bowl and engrave the head with the text of your choice.

Last but by no means least, KitchenAid Stand Mixers carry a guarantee to protect the buyer.

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What were the best Black Friday / Cyber Monday KitchenAid deals in 2020?

Last year we saw plenty of KitchenAid deals on Cyber Monday. Retailers such as Argos and Amazon had some of the best deals including £100 off KitchenAid Artisan at Currys.

And KitchenAid mixers weren't the only deals on for KitchenAid last year. The KitchenAid hand mixer and KitchenAid food processor had up to £30 savings too.

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