Molton Brown Cyber Monday deals 2021: Save up to 25% on Amazon and John Lewis

Cyber Monday Molton Brown deals

Cyber Monday Molton Brown deals are a must-have if you're thinking about shopping for the festive season. 

Whether it's for Mum, Dad, your favourite aunt, or a distant relative you only see once a year, a bottle of Molton Brown really is the ideal present. Available in either full-size 300ml bottles or in 100 and 50ml as part of a gift set, they smell incredible and leave the bathroom filled with a sophisticated scent long after the shower is finished.

No matter whether you're a fan of the smokey Tobacco Absolute or a Fiery Pink Pepper, there's loads of new deals on Molton Brown this Cyber Monday from Amazon. And if you're still stuck for ideas after this, check out the other amazing discounts we've discovered - like incredible Clinique deals and Black Friday Urban Decay deals, with more than 40% off at LOOKFANTASTIC. There's also a huge half price saving at Waterstones and Amazon with Black Friday book deals, for a limited time only.

Cyber Monday Molton Brown deals

These are the best deals on full-size (300ml) bottles of Molton Brown...

Molton Brown Re-Charge Black Pepper Bath & Shower Gel - £22£16.50 (SAVE £5.50)
Infused with black peppercorn, coriander and basil oil, this invigorating shower gel is a great way to spice up your shower routine.
Molton Brown Delicious Rhubarb and Rose Bath & Shower Gel - £22£16.50 (SAVE £5.50)
For a sweeter scent, this shower and bath gel is ideal. Composed of rhubarb extract, rose and zesty grapefruit, it's a citrusy twist on a fruit-filled fragrance.
Molton Brown Russian Leather Bath & Shower Gel - £22£16.12 (SAVE £5.88)
This rich scent is sleek and sophisticated, made up of Siberian pine, leather accord and black tea notes. Leaves a subtle scent for hours after your shower or bath.
Molton Brown Relaxing Ylang-Ylang Bath & Shower Gel - £22£16.12 (SAVE £5.88)
Infused with ylang-ylang, cedarwood and yuan zhi extract, this gel includes properties to help promote a real sense of calm and relaxation.
Molton Brown Fiery Pink Pepper Bath & Shower Gel - £22£16.50 (SAVE £5.50)
Another iconic fragrance from Molton Brown, this Fiery Pink Pepper set is rich in antioxidants and has under notes of ginger and patchouli.
Molton Brown Eucalyptus Bath & Shower Gel - £22£16.50 (SAVE £5.50)
A bold and exhilarating scent, this shower gel is infused with eucalyptus, fresh mint and cedarwood to awaken the senses and leave skin feeling fresh.
Molton Brown Coastal Cypress and Sea Fennel Bath & Shower Gel - £22£16.12 (SAVE £5.88)
Those wishing for a moment by the sea will love this shower gel, complete with notes of Australian sea fennel, salted cypress, fig leaf, bergamot and violet leaf.
Molton Brown Delicious Rhubarb and Rose Single Candle - £39£29.25 (SAVE £9.75)
For those wanting a scent long after the bath is done, go for this rhubarb and rose single candle. Now almost £10 off on Amazon, it's a great present for someone who loves a strong and fresh, flowery scent.

Cyber Monday Molton Brown gift set deals

Ideal for putting in a stocking or for Secret Santa, take a look at these amazing gift set deals...

Molton Brown Woody and Aromatic Christmas Cracker Body Care Set - £18.75 £15 (SAVE £2.25)
A perfect secret Santa present or stocking filler, this woody and aromatic bundle contains four 50ml bottles of Russian Leather, Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel, Re-Charge Black Pepper and Neon Amber.
Molton Brown Woody and Aromatic Bathing Gift Set - £55 £41.25 (SAVE £13.75)
This inspiring bundle contains three 300ml bottles: Re-Charge Black Pepper, Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel and Russian Leather. Now almost £14 off, this selection is full of spice-soaked scents and warm, leathery fragrances.
Molton Brown Floral and Spicy Bath & Shower Gel Set - £55£41.25 (SAVE £13.75)
The perfect set for a Christmas stocking. This collection includes Fiery Pink Pepper, Jasmine and Sun Rose, Orange and Bergamot shower gels in the full-size 300ml bottles.
Molton Brown Stocking Filler Collection Bodycare Gift Set - £38.40 £30 (SAVE £8.40)
This amazing gift set, complete with 10 50ml bottles, includes scents like Black Pepper, Pink Pepper, Neon Amber, Tobacco Absolute, and Jasmine & Sun Rose.
Molton Brown Floral and Marine Hand Wash Gift Set - £35£27.39 (SAVE £7.61)
These 100ml hand wash bottles are perfect for holidays or filling a stocking. Includes key scents like Heavenly Gingerlily, Orange & Bergamot and Coastal Cypress and Sea Fennel.
Molton Brown Orange and Bergamot Hand Wash Gift Set - £40£30 (SAVE £10)
This cult classic hand wash and lotion gift set is full of a zesty orange, mandarin and neroli scent. Its sunny hue is ideal for brightening any kitchen or bathroom area.
Molton Brown Festive Bauble Gift Set - £35£26.25 (SAVE £8.75)
The ideal stocking-filler, this Molton Brown Gift Set includes small bauble-sized, festive fragrances such as Muddled Plum.
Molton Brown Re-Charge Black Pepper Fragrance Set - £26.88 £21 (SAVE £5.88)
This set is complete with two x 100ml bottles of Re-Charge Black Pepper scent and an eau de toilette. This smokey fragrance is a festive delight.

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Happy Cyber Monday shopping!

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