Cyber Monday weighted blanket deals 2021 - save up to £210

Three rolled up weighted blankets on neutral background for Cyber Monday weighted blanket deals

Trouble sleeping? Time to invest, and the Cyber Monday weighted blanket deals are where it's at as the colder months descend.

If your mind races at night, or if your legs feel restless, a weighted blanket could be your answer. A weighted blanket helps to foster a sense of stillness and calm, helping your body and brain to switch off for the night. You can still have your traditional Christmas bedding, just drape this over for ultimate comfort.

The nights are getting colder and sadly weighted blankets are not know for being 'cheap as chips'. So, we've scoured the Cyber Monday weighted blanket deals for you and here are your best bets.

The Best Cyber Monday weighted blanket deals 2021

1. BEDSURE Weighted Blanket

rolled up dark grey blanket

Credit: Amazon Bedsure

Available in on-trend grey and weighing in at 6.8kg this weighted blanket simulates a deep pressure to trigger the release of hormones. It's these hormones that work to calm the nerves and lead to a deeper sleep. Heavy blankets help to ground your body and make you feel hugged or cuddled. And they're super comforting.

VIEW AT AMAZON | £49.99 £36.79 (SAVE £13.20)

2. Eucalyptus Silk Weighted Blanket

a bed with oatmeal coloured blanke draped over white bedding

Credit: Mela Comfort

As Cyber Monday weighted blanket deals go, this is a goodie. Made using anti-rustle glass quartz pellets, which move around silently and mould to your body shape. The pellets are encased in an ultra-breathable, extra soft Eucalyptus shell so you stay cool and comfy while you’re sound asleep. Sounds like heaven!

VIEW AT MELA | £150 £105 (SAVE £45)

3. Brentfords Teddy Fleece Weighted Blanket

woman sleeping with grey weighted blanket over here

Credit: Ebay Brentford Teddy

Save a whopping 50% on this fleecy sensory sleep throw. Available in blush pink or grey it's sure to go with your decor. Breathable and machine washable, this weighted blanket is lined with non-toxic glass beads and looks so cosy.

VIEW AT EBAY | £49.99 £24.99 (SAVE £25)

4. the weighted blanket

wonan cradling a cup while wrapped in a beige blankets

Credit: Eve

This 100% cotton weighted blanket can nip any worries in the bud and give us back our zzzzs. It's likely to send you into a calm and peaceful sleep within minutes. No beads here though, Eve have gone for the layered cotton approach.

VIEW AT EVE | £199 £159 (SAVE £40)

5. SHERPA fleece weighted blanket

Deep blue weighted blanket folded up into bundle with shearling inside flapped out

Credit: Ebay

This super plush velvet-soft weighted blanket could not be cosier. It also has an unbelievably soft warm Sherpa fleece on the inside. Buy yours now just in time for curling up on the sofa to watch so-bad-they're-good Christmas movies. This is the ultimate in sleep pressure therapy.

VIEW AT EBAY | £41.95 £25.17 (SAVE £16.78)

6. SHERPA fleece weighted blanket


Credit: Etsy

These weighted blankets come in a gorgeous array of shades. And with over 1000 reviews and a five star rating, you best be quick to bag your  bargain now. Made from 100% stonewashed linen fabric with glass beads filling. Glass beads create an earthly and unique sound when moving the blanket. Stylish and oh-so-comforting.

VIEW AT ETSY | £101.96 £71.37 (SAVE £30.59)

7. Weighted blanket Family Pack

three weighted blankets in grey, blue and beige.

Credit: Calming Blankets

This bargain price means each blanket is £79. Utilising the relaxing principles behind deep pressure stimulation therapy, commonly used to calm those with autism or sensory disorders, these weighted blanket are individually sewn and filled with eco-friendly and glass beads that effectively increase the weight of the blanket.


8. Slumberdown weight sensation weighted blanket

soft blue blanket folded up on a bed

Credit: Sleepseeker

The Slumberdown weighted blanket has multiple benefits. For instance, helping to improve sleep quality and relieving stress and anxiety. The blanket is filled with glass microbeads creating a gentle pressure over your entire body giving the sensation of being hugged. So, buy, relax and unwind.


And if you're looking for something to snuggle up with under your weighted blanket, check out the Black Friday book deals now live on Amazon and Waterstones. From new releases to classic favourites, there are discounts of up to 50% off.

What is a weighted blanket?

A weighted blanket is regular blanket except a bit heavier. They have glass beads or sometimes plastic beads stitched inside to give the added weight. The more beads inside the heavier the blanket. They're typically created from cotton or - for a more luxe feel - a velvety material. This adds extra softness and can't be beaten on a cold night.  They tend to come in neutral shades like such as navy or grey.

While there's nothing to say scientifically that they do work there is evidence that the deep touch pressure a weighted blanket creates can help curb that overwhelming feeling of anxiety, they offer a pressure stimulation similar to a big hug. In order for you to feel the full benefit a weighted blanket should ideally reflect 7-12% of your body weight.

So, for example;

Adult Large King Size 5.7 kg (12.5lb) is suitable for 45-80 kg individual 6.8 kg (15lb) is suitable for 55-100 kg individual 9.1 kg (20lb) is suitable for 75-130 kg individual 11.3 kg (25lb) is suitable for 95-160 kg individual

Single Size 3.5kg (7.5lb) is suitable for 25-40 kg individual 4.5kg (10lb)  is suitable for 35-60 kg individual 5.7 kg (12.5lb) is suitable for 45-80 kg individual 6.8 kg (15lb) is suitable for 55-100 kg individual

Does a weighted blanket really work?

Yes, weighted blankets do really work. Our Consumer Editor Heidi Scrimgeour tells us: "I wasn't really convinced by the idea of a weighted blanket until Eve sent me theirs to try. 'It's like a hug in a blanket,' they said, and I was still a bit dubious. (I like regular hugs and I'm quite happy with blankets being blankets.)

"But then it arrived, and I was gobsmacked by how heavy the thing is. Even the postie had something to say about it. It weighs 7kg - that's over a stone and heavier than some pushchairs!

"When we eventually dragged it to the sofa, I braced myself to snuggle under it... a strange sort of peace descended almost instantly. I still don't really get it but yes, it works.

"It feels less like a hug in blanket and more like a small friendly elephant is resting itself gently on you, but the calming effect is remarkable. I think it's something to do with the fact that the heaviness kind of forces you to relax. And there's nothing quite as relaxation-inducing than snuggling under it on the sofa with a cup of something warm in hand. As long as I don't have to get up in a hurry."

Stephanie Lowe