Boots £10 Tuesday deals: Incredible discounts on Curél, Versed, Sukin and more

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  • Boots £10 Tuesday: Boots is offering some incredible beauty products from Curél, Versed, Sukin, and more for just £10 today.

    Boots are offering some incredible beauty products from Sukin to Curél for just £10 today, as part of the weekly £10 Tuesday promotion.

    There’s nothing like finding one of your favorite beauty products or brands on sale.

    There are some amazing online deals to be had from Revlon’s viral hair dryer brush to a £2 beauty blender dupe that shoppers are raving about. 

    Now, Boots is having a £10 Tuesday sale across some of their best beauty products, here are some of the best deals to be had.

    Sukin Rosehip Hydrating Day Cream 120ml

    Was £18.95 | Now £10.00 

    With colder weather on the way, treating yourself to an effective and hydrating day cream is essential. The Sukin Rosehip Hydrating Day Cream is infused with rosehip oil, pomegranate, Kakadu plum and is rich in vitamin C. The cream works to relieve dehydration and prevent the signs of premature aging. 

    This day cream leaves your skin radiant, with its generous blend of active botanicals that helps to improve your skin texture and leaves it smooth and hydrated. It’s lightweight and perfect for day or night. Plus it’s  Australian Made, Natural, Cruelty-Free, Vegan and  Carbon Neutral

    Sukin Rosehip Hydrating Day Cream
    The perfect day cream for colder, harsher weather. It will keep your skin hydrated and protected. Plus is cruelty-free and vegan!

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    Boots customers love this cream, one wrote, ‘This cream is gorgeous and after trying so many I would definitely recommend. It soaks in well for makeup application afterward, leaves the skin soft, smells lovely and a little goes a long way – great value for money. It doesn’t irritate my sensitive rosacea skin – at last the perfect cream!

    Another said, I really love this cream. It has a wonderful smell and my skin feels so hydrated and soft after using this. I have sensitive skin and don’t have any bad reactions after using this, so I would definitely recommend this.’

    How to use:

    After cleansing in the morning, gently massage into your face, neck, and décolletage.

    Versed Weekend Glow Brightening Solution 120ml

    Was £16.50 | Now £10.00

    The Versed Glow Solution is a powerful brightening treatment designed to help with uneven skin tone, dark spots, and post-breakout marks.

    The toner exfoliates the skin and has natural skin brighteners including Kojic and azelaic acid, and AHAs. The toner also has Vitamin C, which will nourish your skin. This product is ideal if you struggle with your skin texture, and have lingering marks from acne.  It’s gentle enough to use daily but always make sure you pair this product with sunscreen!

    Versed Weekend Glow brightening solution 120ml
    This glow serum will exfoliate your skin, and help reduce the appearance of dark marks, acne scarring and, uneven skin tone.
    Always wear with suncream!

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    One shopper said they ‘Love it,’ and said, ‘I’ve been using this for a couple of months now, and I love it! It leaves my skin radiant and soft.’

    Another said, I love how refreshing and cleansing this toner is. My skin feels hydrated and looks glowy when I use this product.’

    How to use:

    Apply with a cotton pad, press down on the pump 2-3 times. Swipe pad saturated with the toner across clean, dry skin. Use on your face and neck. 

    Curél Makeup Cleansing Oil 150ml for Dry, Sensitive Skin

    Was £14.50 | Now £10

    Another winter essential, this Curel Makeup Cleansing Oil is perfect for those with dry and sensitive skin. It gently melts away your makeup – even mascara and cleanses your dry skin, leaving it soft and glowing.

    Curel Makeup Cleansing Oil
    An ideal makeup remover for anyone with dry and sensitive skin. It melts away makeup – even mascara, so there’s no harsh rubbing.

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    The cleansing oil is a dream for sufferers of sensitive skin, not only does it have protecting ceramides for optimal moisture retention, but it’s also pH balanced, fragrance-free, colorant, and alcohol-free.

    One fan of this product said, ‘I was so shocked at how well this works! Melts makeup off straight away without leaving a horrible residue! Left my skin feeling soft and hydrated.’

    Another added, ‘I was really happy with the results of this cleansing oil. It gently removed all of my makeup while not drying out my skin.’

    How to use:

    Dispense 4 pumps onto dry hands and gently massage the Cleansing Oil onto a dry face, including eyes. Add warm water to transform the oil into a milky lotion, then rinse off.

    Bliss Block Star Invisible Daily Sunscreen 40ml

    Was £19.99 | £10.00

    Don’t be fooled by the hot weather fading away, sunscreen should be worn all year, winter or not!  Especially if you’re using solutions or AHA serums in your skincare routine. The Bliss Block Star Invisible Daily Sunscreen is perfect to work into your daily routine. 

    Bliss Block Star Invisible Daily Sunscreen
    The perfect sunscreen to work into your daily routine. It’s lightweight, non-greasy, and won’t leave a white cast on your skin.

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    The formula is silky and 100% cruelty-free. It blends in seamlessly, with an invisible finish that protects your skin but won’t disrupt your makeup. It is also Non-comedogenic so won’t clog your pores or leave a greasy sheen.

    One Boots customer said, ‘I can honestly say it is by far my favorite sunscreen for my face so far. I love how it doesn’t leave a white cast on your face and isn’t oily, which makes it easy to incorporate this sunscreen into my daily skin routine.’

    How to use:

    Apply liberally 15 minutes before sun exposure. Reapply at least every 2 hours. 

    Avène Very High Protection Anti-ageing Tinted SPF50+ Sun Cream for Sensitive Skin

    Was £20.00 | Now £10.00

    A great alternative to adding sunscreen into your morning routine, This Avène Very High Protection Anti-ageing Tinted SPF50+ Sun Cream is tinted, so can take the place of your foundation or tinted moisturizer. It’s a multifunctional high protection cream that protects and has anti-aging properties. 

    Avène Very High Protection Anti-ageing Tinted SPF50+ Sun Cream for Sensitive Skin 
    This tinted SPF50+ is ideal for everyday use.

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    It’s made with patented SunSitive® complex, which is ‘a unique photoprotective system with minimum filters, long-lasting stability, and efficacy, whilst providing broad-spectrum UVA‐UVB protection.’ The formula also has Pre‐Tocopheryl & Thialidine for cellular protection against free radicals, Avène Thermal Spring Water, to naturally soothe and soften the skin; and AscofillineTM to reinforce collagen.

    One fan of this suncream said, I have been using this product for over 2 years and I love it! My skin looks amazing.’

    How to use:

    Use before sun exposure, apple product to the face and neck. Re‐apply sunscreen frequently to maintain protection, especially after swimming or prolonged periods of exposure.

    Vita Liberata Fabulous Self Tanning Mist 200ml

    Was £15.00 | £10.00

    Summer may be drawing to a close, but that doesn’t mean your tan needs to suffer! This lightweight tanning water gives you a gorgeous, natural sunkissed glow, and is grease-free.

    The Fabulous Self-Tanning Mist dries in 1-2 minutes for rich, giving your natural-looking results within 4-6 hours. This tan is also buildable, you can either apply once for a glowy look or reapply as soon as your first application dries for a deeper tan. This Mist is super hydrating, with organic aloe vera, licorice, and white tea extract to soothe and refresh your complexion, while hyaluronic acid plumps and revitalizes the skin.

    Vita Liberata Fabulous Self Tanning Mist
    This tanning water is buildable and gives you a gorgeous, subtle sun-kissed look.

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    How to use:

    Shake well before use. Pump onto our Vita Liberata Self Tanning Mitt and apply to clean, dry, exfoliated skin working your way up using long, circular movements. Allow 8 hours for your tan to fully develop, then rinse off with warm water, avoiding any oily shower gels.

    ‘It’s super easy to use. It didn’t leave streaks or turn me orange. It was a nice buildable coverage that I could continue to add onto each day until I reached the desired color.’

    Proactiv+ Green Tea Moisturiser 89ml

    Was £20 | Now £10.00

    The Proactiv+ Green Tea Moisturiser is lightweight and non-greasy. It soothes and illuminates your skin without clogging your pores or leaving your face shiny.  It’s ideal if you have dry or blemish-prone skin.

    Proactive+ Green tea Moisturiser
    A great moisturizer for dry and blemish-prone skin. It alleviates and soothes dry skin, and is really lightweight.

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    How to use:

    Apply daily, as needed, to alleviate dryness and can be worn alone or under makeup. Always remember to wear sunscreen SPF 15 or higher.