Iceland is selling the ultimate bath accessory that cheese fanatics need in their life

Iceland cheese board bath rack
(Image credit: Iceland)

Iceland has launched its ultimate bath accessory for cheese lovers and it's genius!

Iceland has launched the ultimate cheese board for the bath and it's perfect for a chilled night in the bathtub.

The supermarket doesn't normally stock homewares but it is used to pushing the boundaries when it comes to food - like its famous burger and hotdog hybrid (opens in new tab) and its Vimto cheesecake (opens in new tab).

And now it has decided to launch the world's first cheese board bath rack along with its new range of Cathedral City cheese dishes.

The exclusive collaboration has seen the British cheesemaker create an array of delicious dishes, including a Mac ‘n’ Cheese, Cheesy Flatbread, Cauliflower Cheese and Cheesy Mash.

And to go with it, the first of its kind bath snacking assistant was developed by Iceland to give cheese lovers the perfect, indulgent bath experience.

The Icleand cheese board bath rack features a rich dark wood finish, matching cheese knives, and a large surface area to display a fine spread of cheese, wine, and crackers.

It's priced at just £10, which makes it a fab Christmas (opens in new tab) gift for that cheese-loving friend or family member.


Iceland cheese board bath rack

In order to come up with this genius idea, Iceland's research team found that the bathtub is the perfect place to experience new cheeses.

Scientifically, steam quickly brings cheese to room temperature, which is essential to loosen fats, giving the cheese a better texture and flavour.

Love Island (opens in new tab) star Priya Gopaldas, who understands the sensual powers of a strong cheese, having dumped her romantic interest in the villa for his disinterest in the golden dairy.

Having tested the cheese board bath rack she said, “What’s not to love about having a nice bath and a board of cheese? I’m absolutely obsessed with cheese so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Iceland’s new product. Now that I’ve tried it, I can definitely say it’s the ultimate bath time accessory.

“The product shoot took longer than it should, mostly because I couldn’t stop eating all the cheese on set.

“As a cheese lover myself I absolutely couldn’t date someone who doesn’t like cheese. I like my men like I like my cheese - strong but with a soft side.”

Iceland cheese board bath rack

Meanwhile, Andrew Garton, Chilled Trading Director, added, “Whether it’s hiding cheese from their partner, or sneaking a nibble alone in the bath, the UK clearly has an insatiable appetite for cheese and we’re hoping our brand-new Cheese Board Bath Rack will help to meet the nation’s cheese obsessed needs.”

If you don't know your goat's cheese from your Brie then this cheese board basics video might help you pick out some new favourites to try.

Eating cheese in the bath isn't the only unusual place Brits have confessed to doing - others admitted to sneaking a chunk of cheddar in the shed (13%) and secretly having a nibble in the car alone (13%).

Meanwhile, one in two Brits (50%) confessed they prefer to tuck into a decadent, cheesy treat by themselves.

You can buy the new Cheese board bath rack from Iceland (opens in new tab) from 15th October.