Love Island gets over 600 Ofcom complaints in two weeks amid warning ITV could be ‘pulled off air’ completely

A very serious breach could see the whole of ITV at risk!
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  • Love Island has received more than 600 Ofcom complaints from viewers over its coverage as ITV is warned it could be 'pulled off-air' completely.

    Love Island has received more than 600 Ofcom complaints from viewers over its coverage in the last two weeks alone – and should a very serious breach occur, ITV could be pulled off the air completely.

    The ITV2 reality dating show, which is currently in its seventh season, has sparked a flurry of complaints from unhappy viewers over various scenes which have aired since it returned on 28th June, as millions tune in to see who left Love Island last night?

    In six days alone (between 6th July and 12th July), Ofcom received 541 complaints and a further 267 complaints were logged in response to a scene on the 8th July episode whereby the show’s first physically disabled contestant Hugo Hammond was the only person to not be picked for a challenge.

    One viewer tweeted, ‘”Legit feel like writing a letter of complaint to Love Island and OFCOM about poor Hugo #LoveIsland,” and they weren’t the only ones to complain.

    And any breach, if found, aren’t to be taken lightly, as Ofcom director of broadcasting standards Adam Baxter stressed the powers the regulatory body holds. “We have the power in the most serious of cases to fine broadcasters or take away their licence to broadcast.”

    Ofcom clarified that it would be the whole channel that is put at risk rather than just pulling the plug on the troublesome show in question, as earlier this year Ofcom withdrew the UK broadcasting licence for Chinese state-owned news channel CGTN for breaching regulations. The China Global Television Network (CGTN) is a state-owned group of news channels that broadcast internationally.

    Mr Baxter added, “We are talking about shows like Love Island that attract a high level of media or social media interest, involve conflict, emotionally challenging situations, or require a person to disclose life-changing or private aspects of their lives.

    “We’ve also made clear that, before a person agrees to take part in a TV or radio show, broadcasters must tell them about any possible risks to their welfare, and how they will seek to minimise these.”

    A further 12 complaints were received about the same episode where viewers alleged black contestants were subject to discriminatory treatment.

    And another 11 people found issues with Faye Winter’s behaviour when she mocked new bombshell arrivals, Lucinda and Millie.

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    Love Island 2021 Ofcom complaints, so far:

    • 541x complaints received from 6th-12th July.
    • Another 267x complaints were logged in relation to the episode which aired on 8th July as 235. complained over the treatment of Hugo Hammond.
    • 12x complaints about allegations of discriminatory treatment of black contestants.
    • 11x people found issues with Faye Winter’s behaviour when she mocked the new bombshell. arrivals, Lucinda and Millie with an exaggerated laugh.
    • July 6th, 156x complaints received over islanders behaviours towards Hugo, plus eight. complaints about surgery comments made about Sharon Gaffka.
    • 7x complaints about promotional references to plastic surgery.
    • 92x comments against the 12th July episode.
    • 97x complaints within its first week of airing.

    The complaints come after the regulatory body admitted it was monitoring the dating show ‘more than ever’. Ofcom director of broadcasting standards Adam Baxter insisted the duty of care on contestants is the most priority this year after the tragic death of former host Caroline Flack, who died just over 12 months ago.

    You can watch Love Island weeknights and Sundays at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVhub, and 10pm on Saturdays.

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