Lidl launches a smart electric fan heater that operates over WiFi for under £50

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Lidl has launched a smart electric fan heater which you can control remotely using your mobile phone.

Winter is far from over, but if you missed the chance to buy one of Amazon's sleep-saving heated blankets, you might want to plan ahead of the cold spell that is set to wash over the UK once more the next time you do your weekly shop.

This Silvercrest Smart Ceramic Fan Heater is set to go on sale in the low-cost supermarket this weekend and it can raise or lower the temperature in rooms quickly and evenly.

Using WiFi it can be controlled via the Lidl Smart Home app - either remotely or via the control panel.

Lidl Silvercrest Smart Ceramic Fan Heater - £49.99 (opens in new tab)

Priced at just £49.99 the Lidl smart electric fan heater is a good investment for either winter or summer as it can be used as a heater or as a fan, giving horizontal and vertical air distribution through its 3D air distribution.

Lidl electric fan heater Silvercrest Smart Ceramic Fan Heater

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It's not the first home gadget shoppers have been keen to get their hands on. Earlier this month we reported that Lidl is selling a cordless Gtech vacuum for a bargain price (opens in new tab).

And Lidl's bargain crepe maker (opens in new tab) came just in time for pancake day, which is traditionally held on Shrove Tuesday (opens in new tab).

souffle pancake with yogurt and berries

Meanwhile, the Lidl smart electric fan heater is available in-store from Sunday (February 21), the heater is part of the supermarket's Smart Home range, which includes a range of WiFi compatible devices.

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It's not the only product it launched featuring smart technology. Last year the low-cost supermarket stocked Smart Light Bulbs, which can be dimmed and changed from warm to cool lighting, for £7.99.

And Smart Colour Changing Lightbulbs for £9.99 which allows you to change the ambiance of a room in just a few touches.

Meanwhile, the Smart USB extension lead is £19.99 and it allows you to control a number of devices that are plugged into it. Or, the Smart Plugs (£7.99) allow you to work with one at a time.

What's even better is you can control the smart items with your voice, thanks to Google Assistant.