This Poundland gadget is total genius and will change the way you DIY forever

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This Poundland gadget is a totally genius bargain that will change the way you do DIY forever - and, you guessed it, it's just £1.

Social media is full of game changing life hacks, whether it's a tip on how to clean radiators when they're coated in dust, paint doorknobs will zero fuss or keep your white bed sheets crisp - you'll find it online these days.

Now a savvy shopper has taken to Instagram to share the Poundland gadget that will change the way you paint your walls forever - and you're going to want it in your DIY stash.

Cleaning influencer Mrs Clarke's Cleaning blessed her followers with the ultimate shopping tip off, sharing details of the bargain that makes it extraordinarily easy to paint the edges of walls,  fiddly details and tight corners - all while keeping the paint job flawless.

All it takes is one of Poundland's edge painting pads. The nifty purchase features an absorbent rectangle pad with wheels on each side, helping you glide along edges and get into tight corners to spread paint seamlessly.

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'Currently redecorating and I bought one of these Poundland paint pad edgers to try. This is so much quicker and easier than a brush,' a how-to video shared on the account explained.

'One thing I hate when painting is having to cut in , but not anymore,' a caption next to the super satisfying tutorial video reads.

'I picked up this paint pad from @poundland recently and To be honest I was thinking surely this isn’t going to be that good, but I was wrong.... I absolutely love this little gadget and it only cost me £1 🤩. You just wash the pad to reuse, I’ll definitely be buying more. 👏 .'

Having watched the magic at work, commenters couldn't help but share their amazement.

One wrote, 'Wow that's a fab idea! ❤️'

'I wish I’d have seen this before I just spent dayssssss cutting in my daughters bedroom 😂 I love it,' added another.

'Is this a joke I mean where has it been my entire life... need it ❤️,' a third chipped in, while one more penned, 'Oh my god. This could have saved me so much time in the past😭😭😭 but good to know now 😅.'

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