Save £50 on Sylvanian Families Premium Home with this Cyber Monday toy deal

collation of the Sylvanian Premium Celebration House

The Sylvanian Families Premium Celebration Home is a limited edition masterpiece. And it has a whopping £50 off at high street favourite,

As Christmas looms parents are looking for the best deals they can find on toys. In this instance, Sylvanian Families are a hugely popular toy - loved by many generations since 1985. It's time to introduce the next generation with this great bargain buy.

Savings have been happening left right and centre these last few days. Black Friday and Cyber Monday means parents are quids in with the bargains on Cyber Monday toy deals and the huge range on Cyber Monday LEGO deals!

Now, don't miss this one!

The Sylvanian Families Premium Celebration House Cyber Monday toys deal 

Sylvanian Families Premium Celebration Home -  £159.99 | £109.00 (SAVE £50) | Very
This Deluxe Celebration Home Premium Set is suitable for ages three and up. A beautiful 'main present' for any child. This stunning home comes with 129 pieces and has a whopping £50 off! Get yours now in time for Christmas.

This Sylvanian Families Premium Celebration House is exactly what you'd imagine; breathtakingly cute, big and top of the range. The limited-edition set celebrates Sylvanian Families' 35th Anniversary. Making this a special addition to any Sylvanian fan's collection.

As a parent, being able to engage with your kids on any level is the goal. And, introducing them to a toy that you would enjoy hours playing with - whether it's LEGO, the Weebles, Barbie or Sylvanian families - is priceless.

The large house with a very on-trend and stylish pastel colour palette. This incredible house comes with a little lift to get up and down between floors and includes two Persian Cat girls, each with an exclusive outfit and furniture variant.

Large Sylvanian Families House set in a garden with blue sky

Credit: Very

When you bag your bargain, you get the main house and also a whole lot of accessories. Including fencing, weather vane, armchairs, sofa, table with magazines, cushions, bedding, kitchen island, Mixer, Waffle & Doughnut Maker. In addition you get a dresser, dresser chair, hair drier, piano , hanging pots, flowers as well as a two Persian Cat girls to set up home with. There's more and they all add up to 129 pieces

All Sylvanian houses, shops, furniture and accessories are very detailed. Every figure has got a sweet, unique expression.

Interestingly the Sylvanian Families originated in Japan. With the UK meeting them in 1987. It became such an iconic toy of the '80s and received the UK Toy of the Year award for three years running. Sold in over 50 countries, Sylvanian Families is a global brand, with themed restaurants and a dedicated theme park in Japan.

Sylvanian Families is based on three concepts, Nature, Family and Love, children can explore the power of imagination and learn to care and share with one another.

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