Tesco launches Meal Deals for pets – so they can dine at home in style from as little as £10

So sweet!
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  • Tesco has launched Meal Deals for pets - allowing them to dine at home in style from as little as £10

    Tesco has launched a range of Meal Deals for pets – allowing owners to treat their furry friends to their very own dine-in deal.

    To celebrate National Pet Month, the supermarket chain has gone all out with its range of pet food so that shoppers can treat their beloved cats or dogs to a delicious dine-at-home Meal Deal which runs from now until 27th April.

    No need to feel guilty for treating yourself and your other half to a Meal Deal for two only to have your pooch or feline friend begging for food or for your attention, refusing to get into their Aldi scalloped velvet pet bed because your plate looks tastier than theirs.

    Pet owners were warned last year never to share their BBQ food with dogs, and now you don’t have to.

    Tesco has included a special range of offers – giving owners the chance to choose some delicious dishes for their animals – proving meal deals aren’t just for humans. But don’t feed them from your plate – as they have their own special pet-friendly selection of food available to choose from, which means it’s healthy for them and allows you to enjoy your dinner in peace.

    What does the £10 Tesco meal deal for cats include?

    Dry cat food, treats, and litter is included in the deal. Simply choose one dry food, one litter, and one treat pouch, saving up to £1.50.

    Whiskas +1 Dry cat food

    Dry cat food

    Cat litter:

    Cat treats:

    • Dreamies Cat Treats 60g in Chicken, Cheese, Tuna, Salmon & Tuna, Beef, Chicken & Duck, Salmon, Turkey, Salmon & Cheese,

    What does the £11.50 Tesco meal deal for dogs include?

    Tinned dog food, treats, and dentastix are included in the deal. Choose from one 12x pack of tinned food, one dentastix pack and one treat and save up to £1.75.

    Pedigree dog food

    Tinned dog food:

    Dog Dentastix:

    Pedigree Dentastix in small, medium or large,

    Dog treats:

    Meanwhile, there are plenty of other pet food offers up for grabs for Clubcard holders including huge savings on Purina One Cat Adult 3kg which is only£10.99, was £14.50and available in a range of flavours including Chicken & Whole Grains and Salmon & Whole Grains

    Harringtons Dry Dog Food 5kg is only £7.00, was £9.00, and available in a range of flavours including Lamb & Rice and Turkey & Vegetables

    Grab seven 50p packs of Sheba Cat Food for only £3, with the choice of salmon, chicken, beef, lamb and vegetable or classic terrine

    And fear not, for those who don’t own any pets, Clubcard holders can pick up a special Webbox Wildlife Swan & Duck Food, now just £1.00, was £1.25.

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