WUKA’s huge hit ‘period proof’ leggings hold THREE tampons’ worth of flow

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  • Sustainable brand WUKA is set to rival M&S reusable period pants as it has just released ‘period proof’ leggings that can absorb up to THREE tampons’ worth of fluid.

    Nothing is more irritating than losing a pair of your favourite pair of period-proof leggings, or when your menstrual cycle comes sooner than expected and it can be uncomfortable spending the day thinking you might have gone through your tampon on your heaviest day and that’s without the added pain of cramps.

    While it might be good to know what to eat during your period, there isn’t much on the market for period-appropriate clothing, and it appears like something new is about to change the game: WUKA, a line of plant-friendly, leak-proof period pants that will save your favourite pants from the trash.

    The WUKA leggings are the newest addition to the menstrual cycle world, and they will save you money on sanitary supplies while also protecting your favourite gym wear from being thrown out.

    You can view the WUKA ‘period proof’ leggings here at WUKU.

    To its already impressive line-up of period pants, the brand has lately added its ‘Basics’ line. The new pants have a classic look and feel, but their unique four-layer structure allows them to absorb your period flow. They cost £12 each pair (or £10 when purchased as part of a set).

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    WUKA 'period proof' leggings

    Credits: WUKA

    You’ll also be helping the environment because WUKA’s products are reusable, reducing the amount of plastic waste generated by tampons and pads that ends up in trash every year.

    The WUKA ‘period proof’ leggings, which retail for £49.99, are constructed from recycled polyester and feature integrated ‘Perform Seamless’ period pants, which eliminate the need for bulky knickers, tampons, or pads when exercising.

    They’re designed for a medium period flow and come in UK sizes ranging from XS to 6XL to fit all body types. They’re also perfect for everyday wear outside of the gym. The leggings ‘hold 15ml of period flow or light leaks – roughly 2-3 tampons’ according to the online description.

    The brand also offers a money-back guarantee on your first pair of WUKA pants, so you may test them out without risk.

    You can switch for a different size or get a full refund if they don’t fit.