Is your baby a genius? New study reveals the most intelligent baby names!

Worth a try?

There is A LOT of pressure when it comes to naming your baby, and choosing one of the most popular baby names is always tempting. After all, unless they decide to change it for some reason along the line, it will be something that stays with them for the rest of their lives.

To add to the wealth of information out there on baby names, now you have yet another source to add to your reading list.

A new study has identified the most popular names that geniuses have, by compiling the names of famous people with high IQs.

The research, done by the genealogy research website MooseRoots, analysed 14,750 notable philosophers, writers, mathematicians, scientists, inventors, artists, composers, Nobel laureates and MacArthur fellows and identified the most common first names among them.

Curiously, both George and Charlotte feature in the lists, so it looks like Kate and Wills are making excellent baby naming choices!

George and Charlotte are both featured in the top names among geniuses

On their website, they explain their motivation to this research by saying that they want to help parents prepare their children for 'greatness by giving him a name that has been borne by many accomplished people'.

Being given the same name as some of the smartest people in history could potentially give children an advantage in life, say MooseRoots, because it links them to some of the world's brilliant minds.

'Giving your little one a distinguished name is a great way to put her on the right path from the very beginning. You might not realize it, but certain names are more common among geniuses than others, meaning you can select a name that links him to some of the world's most brilliant minds', they say.

'It's much easier to climb the ranks of the elite when you have a bit of a head start. Prepare your child for greatness by giving him a name that has been borne by many accomplished people.'

So which name should you be giving your child if you want to prepare them for greatness? Here's the list in full.

Top male names for people with high IQs

1. John 2. Robert 3. William 4. Charles 5. David 6. James 7. Richard 8. Johann 9. George 10. Paul 11. Thomas 12. Peter 13. Joseph

Top female names for people with high IQs

1. Mary 2. Elizabeth 3. Maria 4. Anne 5. Margaret 6. Susan 7. Ruth 8. Anna 9. Alice 10. Dorothy 11. Jane 12. Helen 13. Charlotte 

Will you be taking this new list into account when naming your baby? Let us know in the comments below!


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