The most popular holiday destinations kids want to visit in 2024

A huge poll has revealed the most popular holiday destinations kids want to visit this year and they would all make a brilliant family trip

most popular holiday destinations kids want to visit
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If you're planning a family holiday this year, it's likely that your kids already know where they want to go as a huge poll has now revealed the most popular holiday destinations kids want to visit in 2024 - but parents have a very different idea of the perfect family holiday to their children...

Planning the perfect family getaway can feel like a daunting task. Whether you're booking a long weekend away to make the most of 2024's bank holidays or you've been sneaky and worked out how to maximise your annual leave by booking off time around those bank holidays, it can be difficult to organise a trip where every family member is catered for. 

But the answer to your holiday-booking struggle is here and we have kids themselves to thank. A poll of 1,000 adults and their children, all aged 6 to 16, conducted by hotel chain Novotel, has now revealed the top holiday destinations kids want to visit in 2024, though their favourite options are slightly different from their parents more desired locations. 

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According to the research, kids are most keen to visit America this year, with Australia, Dubai, and France taking the runner-up spots. The main reasons for their choices, according to the research, are that the countries offer fun, child-orientated activities. This was a huge factor in their holiday destination choices, with 61% of kids stating that they would like to go to a water park, 25% saying they want to try out water sports, and 43% sharing they simply want to eat as much ice-cream as they can while away. 

But it's not just the activities they have in mind when thinking of the perfect holiday, kids are also keen to relax and wind down. The surveyed children shared that spending time with their family is their biggest priority while on holiday, while 37% of them said they enjoyed time in the sun as it lets them recover from the stress of school. Though we wouldn't recommend taking kids out of school to go on holiday as Rishi Sunak has launched a crackdown on ALL parents to cut the number of kids holidaying during term time.

Speaking about the reasons why kids like to get away, Anais Dessales-Quentin, who works at Novotel, shared, “Hearing that even children feel they need a break from the stress in everyday life is an eye-opener, particularly as our commitment to families is incredibly important."

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But while kids are keen to jet off to sunny countries across the world, parents are thinking of holidays a little closer to home, the research suggests. While Portugal, Greece, and Italy featured high up on the list of parents' desired holiday destinations, holidaying on home soil appears to more appealing to the grown-ups. 

Still, like their kids, most of the parents prioritise quality family time while on holiday with 71% saying their highest priority is to create new memories. 

Another consensus the children and parents shared was that a hotel was their preferred choice of accommodation, with kids wanting to have a swimming pool nearby and parents wishing to be close to the beach and sea. 

If you are planning a family trip this year, why not opt for a cheap family holiday that can bring you all together for an unforgettable time on a budget? But no matter how much you're spending or where you're going, make sure to read up on the 5 vital reasons ALL families should get travel insurance when booking a holiday.

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