Prince William reveals that George is ‘very into Lego’

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  • Prince William revealed earlier this week that his son Prince George, loves playing with Lego.

    The four-year-old royal has just started school, and we hope that Thomas’s Battersea has stocked up on the popular building bricks, as according to his dad, he’s quite the fan!

    It was while Prince William making an official visit to McLaren Automotive’s headquarters in Woking that he shared news of George’s hobby, exclaiming: ‘Wow, my son would love this!’ when presented with a massive 280,000-brick model of a McLaren 720s sports car.

    William also got to sit behind the wheel of a real $280,000 720S and was asked about his own interest in cars.

    ‘I’m a car enthusiast. I don’t know very much about cars but I like speed,’ he admitted, before cutting to the important question, the one on every parent’s lips…

    ‘The key question is does it have a coffee cup holder?’ he asked. ‘It may be a fast car, but does it have a coffee cup holder?’

    The soon to be father-of-three went on to speak fondly of his first-born, adding: ‘My son’s very into Lego and he’d love this. It’s incredible.’

    It seems that George’s taste in toys is growing; just last year The Mirror reported that mum Kate said that the royal tot ‘loved playing with dinosaurs’.

    Lego is one of the most popular and best-selling toys of all time and is a household name all over the world.

    The brainchild of Ole Kirk Christiansen, a carpenter from Denmark who made wooden toys in 1932, it has been a firm family favourite for over 85 years, and formed the building blocks of many a childhood.

    By 1934 he named his company Lego, from the phrase “leg godt” in Danish, which means “play well” – and we imagine Prince George and little sister Princess Charlotte do just that with their collection.