Princess Charlotte is worth more than her brothers Prince George and Prince Louis

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  • Princess Charlotte has an impressive net worth despite only being three-years-old and it's even bigger than her brothers.

    Princess Charlotte is Kate and William’s only daughter and it looks as though she could be the biggest earner of their three children.

    At the tender aged of just three-years-old the little royal already has a net worth of over one billion pounds to the economy. Pretty impressive for someone who’s not even at school yet, right?

    The estimation comes from Readers Digest who state that Charlotte’s net worth is around £3.8 billion ($5 billion).

    In comparison to his little sister, Prince George is thought to be worth just £2.7 billion… It’s still impressive but not a scratch on Princess Charlotte who is thought to be worth more than £1 billion more than him!

    When it comes to Prince Louis, he’s got a lot of catching up to do but he hasn’t even turned six-months-old yet! Cosmopolitan UK reported shortly after his birth in April that the young prince will add £50 million to the British economy.

    The net worth calculations are based on the children’s value to the UK economy – obviously none of the Cambridge children have worked a day in their life yet and they haven’t physically got any assets or inheritance.

    According to Readers Digest the reason that Princess Charlotte’s net worth potential is a lot higher than her brother’s is because of her fashion influence.

    Everyone has heard of the ‘Kate effect’ with the Duchess of Cambridge’s dress, shoes and accessories often selling out after she has been spotted in them. The same fever kicked in with Charlotte and people are desperate to copy her style on their own children.

    Given that Kate dresses the kids in affordable clothes from the likes of John Lewis, it is no wonder that so many people try to get their hands on the same outfits.

    Moneyish reported at the time of Princess Charlotte’s second birthday that the yellow cardigan she was wearing during her official portrait from John Lewis sold out in under 24 hours after the picture was released.

    princess charlotte second brithday portrait

    Dad Prince William also hinted that his daughter was into fashion when he said she would be ‘obsessed’ with a personalised satchel he was given for the little royal while at an official visit in Liverpool.

    We love Princess Charlotte’s sass and the fact she is giving her brothers a little healthy competition… Who said being the middle child was all bad?

    Princess Charlotte is clearly nailing it! We can’t wait to see the three Cambridge children grow-up and watch their personalities blossom.


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