Robbie Williams reveals his family’s lockdown routine – including how he keeps the kids entertained

Turns out, they’re a rather artistic bunch
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  • There was a time when Robbie Williams was quite the Brit pop wild child, but nowadays, you’re more likely to find him enjoying some arts and crafts with the kids. 

    The singer has been recording a podcast, (Staying) At Home With The Williamses, from his LA mansion with wife Ayda Field, revealing just what the family have been getting up to during the lockdown period. Perfect if you’re looking for ideas for things to do with kids!

    “What we have been doing with the kids to keep them entertained is lots of arts and crafts. Charlie in particular loves to paint and draw,” Robbie’s wife Ayda revealed. 

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    “They are into Thor right now, we are teaching them about Thor so we are making hammers.

    “Teddy likes dancing and making up songs, so we have a piano in the playroom and she just plays and makes up songs and you sometimes sing with her.

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    Teddy is my spirit animal

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    “Coco we throw in a cage that’s in the playroom and we just let her smash stuff,” Ayda jokingly said referring to her daughter’s playpen.

    Sounds about right to us!

    “When you keep your kids entertained, you keep the parents happy, because the one big adjustment is going from kids who do lots of activities outdoors and schooling to all of a sudden containing them within four walls and taking all those activities and friends away and going ‘ hey, look, it’s going to be alright, this is fun!’ and I don’t think the kids were too impressed the first two weeks,” Robbie explained. 

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    And how about baby Beau, Robbie and Ayda’s fourth child, who was welcomed to the world, earlier this year.

    “We have another child, Beau, who pretty much just sleeps. Pretty easy maintenance during the day because he drinks his milk, we stick him on his playmat and then he falls asleep,” explained Ayda.

    What a lovely family!

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