Rock up your week

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  • We’re all fed up of our routines, so Rocky chocolate biscuits are challenging you to ‘Rock up your week’ and give things a bit of a shake-up! When was the last time you felt brave, or energetic or impulsive?

    Well, all it takes is a few small changes to get that feeling back. Start by incorporating one of these ideas into your week and before you know it, you’ll be feeling much braver and more inspired to try new things!

    Instead of driving to school… cycle or rollerblade

    Start the day off with a burst of energy and lots of laughter! Hop on your bikes or pull those rollerblades on and arrive at school in style. The kids will feel wide awake for their lessons and exhilarated by the exciting start to their week.

    Instead of going for a quiet swim… visit the pool when there’s a fun swim on

    Lots of pools have events with big inflatables to climb and play on – there’s guaranteed to be lots of shrieking, splashing and fun. Alternatively, if there’s a Lido near you, give that a visit. Yes it’ll be colder, but that’ll only encourage you swim faster, and it’s lovely and refreshing on a warm spring or summer’s day.

    Instead of going straight home… visit the park

    Take a detour from your normal route and let the kids have some fun kicking a ball around or on the swings (and why not join in?). As well as putting everyone in a good mood, you’ll all burn off some extra energy and sleep better too.

    Instead of staying in at the weekend… get out there and try a new activity

    Is there something you’ve always wanted to have a go at, but you’ve never quite been brave enough. Take the first step this weekend and give it a go – we promise you won’t regret it. Whether it’s climbing, zip-lining, ice skating, hiking or camping, be a little braver and give it a try.

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