Official list of presents the Royals were given last year REVEALED!

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  • What do you give to a member of the Royal family? Well, thanks to the official royal gift list released by Buckingham Palace and Clarence House, now we know.

    The list of presents the Royals have been given on official engagements last year has been revealed, and well-wishers have been really spoiling Prince George and Princess Charlotte!

    Even though the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge weren’t incolved in as many engagements this year because of Princess Charlotte’s arrival, William still managed an official visit to Japan and China, where some well-wishers made sure to give him some presents for him and his adorable family.

    There, William accepted presents on behalf of the little Prince from a total of 11 people, which included a pair of pyjamas, six DVDs, two toy telephones and a painting of a Samurai helmet.

    Well-wishers love to spoil the little Prince, who started nursery this month

    Although the young royal was the one getting the most presents in this visit after his dad, someone also remembered Kate and gave her husband two cashmere wraps for her. Not bad, Kate!

    Their grandfather also brought them a few goodies from his trips to New Zealand and Australia, including a pair of booties, an organic wool hat, a vest and blanket for Princess Charlotte, and a woollen tank top for Prince George.

    Camilla and Charles also accepted gifts on behalf of George and Charlotte on their visit to the Republic of Ireland in May last year, where well-wishers gave them two giant lollipops, a ceramic money box for each of Kate and Wills’ kids, and a wooden rattle for the baby princess.

    Princess Charlotte also received a few presents from well-wishers around the world

    But of course the children weren’t the only ones receiving gifts. The Prince of Wales got the most unusual – and also potentially the cutest – gift of all; a packet of fairy dust in New Zealand. Prince Harry, who has been on a few official engagements in the past year, was also given a few gifts by officials and members of the public.

    In Lesotho, where the Prince opened a centre in memory of his mother, Princess Diana, Harry received three drawings from young people at the Ottery Youth Detention Centre. The proud uncle also took home a pair of baby bootees for his adorable niece, and two children’s rugby shirts – one for George and one for Charlotte.

    According to official protocol, gifts can be worn and used by the royals but are not considered their personal property, and therefore they do not pay tax on them.

    Food and any other perishable official gifts they are given can be eaten, or given to charity or staff if it’s worth less than £150.

    The rules, tightened in 2003 following an enquiry, also dictate that gifts cannot be sold or exchanged, and eventually become part of the Royal Collection.