Parents and teachers use genius Santa Cam to encourage better behaviour from kids

If you're a fan of Elf on the Shelf, you're going to love this!

Last year we couldn't get enough of the adorable Elf On The Shelf, but this year there's a new Christmas tradition in town!

It can often feel like Santa has more control over our kids than we do, so with one of these genius Santa Cams they won't act up as long as they think the big bearded guy is watching their every move!

A Santa Cam is an ornament (like a bauble) that has a camera lens painted on the front, with the words 'Santa Cam' decorating it. The red dot is a must-have, as it tricks kids into thinking that they're being filmed and Santa is watching. Quite evil, but you have to admit it's a geniusideato try with your little ones!

The Santa Cam effectively makes kids think that they can't be naughty because Santa will be watching, taking notes and leaving coal in their stockings if he sees anything he doesn't like. The result? Perfectly behaved children.

It's been used by teachers to keep unruly students in line too, after this teacher's Facebook post showing her wearing one around her neck went viral.

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The best thing about Santa Cams (besides angelic children, obviously) is that you can easily make them yourself, or buy them if you don't have time to decorate one. All you need is a bauble and your paint or glitter of choice. Black and red paint is a must, however!

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The Santa Cam probably won't work with older children, as they can probably suss out that they're being conned and don't tend to believe in Santa. However, if your kid is Santa-mad and needs to calm down a bit, then these fake cameras are definitely the way to go!

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Of course, there is the possibility of kids getting so excited that they start talking to the bauble, pleading with Santa to bring them what they want on Christmas. This adorable little girl did exactly that, in this video showing her engaged in full conversation with an inanimate decoration:

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Do you think this is the best invention since sliced bread? Or do you think it's taking things a little too far? Let us know in the comments below!


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