The BEST pregnancy announcements ever!

Whether you're expecting your first, second or fifth child, announcing that you're pregnant to your loved ones is one of the most exciting moments! So, make your pregnancy announcement really special and take inspiration from these cute ideas to tell the world in a unique way

Pregnancy announcements ideas

Whether you're expecting your first, second or fifth child, announcing that you're pregnant to your loved ones is one of the most exciting moments! So, make your pregnancy announcement really special and take inspiration from these cute ideas to tell the world in a unique way

Along with picking out the baby name and revealing the gender, announcing that you're pregnant to your loved ones is one of the most exciting moments in your new baby journey!

Whether you want to tell the news in person, by letter or on Facebook, there are so many great ideas of announcing your pregnancy in an unforgettable way - but with so many clever pregnancy announcements out there, it can be hard to know which style to pick for your own!

We've been browsing around for the sweetest, most original options and have found loads of examples of couples telling their family and friends their good news in really creative ways. Whether you’re going for the shock factor, the cutesy look or a bit of comedy, you’re bound to find an idea that suits you and your family.

You might choose to send a picture in the post, share it online or hand over the snap in person (well, if you’re going to put in all of that work, you want to see the reaction first hand, right?), but whatever you decide, we reckon there’ll be tears of joy and laughter from friends, family, newly-promoted siblings and grandmas and grandpas to be with any of these pregnancy announcement ideas.

And don’t forget to take a photo or keepsake for yourselves! It could be your first, third, or 13th baby, but there’s still few things more special that telling everyone that there’s another new life on the way.

So you’ve got the inspiration, now it’s over to you – how will you tell the world that you’re expecting?

Click through our gallery and let us know which one is your favourite pregnancy announcement by commenting on the picture... or let us know if you had an even more genius idea of your own!

Set the scene

A chalkboard announcement is a cute, quick and easy-to-create pregnancy announcement idea.

We love the addition of the tiny shoes too! You could also use this idea for a gender reveal.

Image: Craftionary

List the details

Pregnancy announcements ideas

Alternatively, if you're ready to share a bit more info (and star in the shot yourself!) this is an adorable idea that you can add to throughout your pregnancy.

Take a similar snap as every week passes and you'l have a full album of memories by the time baby arrives.

Image: In This Joyful Life

Get help from your pets

Pregnancy announcements ideas

Fido and Puss are the perfect partners in your pregnancy announcement crime!

Set them up in a cute pose with parenting books and share the snap to your social media pages. It'll only take people a second to click...

Image: Imgur

Safety pin on board!

Pregnancy announcements ideas

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most effective.

This safety-pin set up is a surefire crowd pleaser - we've seen versions where the mummy pin opens and releases the baby pin to announce the birth too!


Image: Imgur

Look a little closer...

Pregnancy announcements ideas

At first glance, this looks like an ordinary picture of a happy couple...

...have you spotted it yet? The shadow in the background is the perfect, subtle indicator of the bump to come. Aww!

Image: Like Mother Like Daughter

Superhero sibling

Pregnancy announcements ideas

Well, big brothers and sister will want to get involved too!

This superhero cape and board will make them feel like the hero of the family in no time.

Image: Etsy

Eviction notice

Pregnancy announcements ideas

Some siblings might not be so thrilled about the new arrival - but at least you can use the humour in the situation for a great pregnancy announcement shot!

There are loads of versions of this set-up online, but it still cracks us up every time.

Image: Imgur

Make a movie poster

Pregnancy announcements ideas

These comedic geniuses have used the more 'realistic' side of parenting to create their pregnancy announcement.

Hey, at least they know what they're letting themselves in for, right?

Image: Imgur

Play the game

Pregnancy announcements ideas

If you or your other half are rarely spotted without a controller in your hands, it's only natural that your little one will follow in your footsteps.

This pregnancy announcement is easy to recreate but definitely gets the message across in an adorable way!

Image: Tumblr

Double trouble!

Pregnancy announcements ideas

Expecting twins? Use a big, bright balloon (and a print of the scan) to break the happy news to your family.

Of course, you could still borrow the concept and use a helium baby balloon if there's just one bun in the oven.

Image: Arrows and Apricots

A VERY happy Valentine's Day

Pregnancy announcements ideas

Occasion cards make for super sweet pregnancy announcements, especially when they fall around V-Day!

Print off a batch and post them to your nearest and dearest, and wait for the congratulatory phone calls to roll in.

Image: Imgur

Sweet and simple

Pregnancy announcements ideas

An arrangement of baby clothes and toys is a lovely way to share the news, especially if you already know the gender.

You don't necessarily have to go for pink for a girl and blue for a boy - yellow, green and purple would also make equally pretty pictures for either sex.

Image: I Heart Naptime

On the road

Pregnancy announcements ideas

Bump ahead signs like this may only show up on US roads, but you can buy a version quite cheaply online, so a quirky picture like this definitely isn't out of the question for UK couples.

Some mums-to-be have put a twist on the idea by holding the sign in front of their tummy instead.

Image: Becoming Mrs G

What's cooking?

Pregnancy announcements ideas

The ultimate pregnancy gag, the 'bun in the oven' trick is an oldie but a goodie.

Whether you post the snap to Facebook or invite everyone round to see it in the flesh, you're sure to get some laughs.

Image: Imgur

Cracking idea

Pregnancy announcements ideas

These delicate eggs hold a big secret - a scroll of paper with your pregnancy announcement carefully inscribed.

They'd make an ideal presents for proud grandmas and grandpas, especially if it's grandchild #1.

Image: Etsy

Eating for two

Pregnancy announcements ideas

Got a baby bump appetite that just won't quit?

Palm the booze off on your other half and you're allowed at least 50% of their dinner, surely. It's worked for these two, anyway!

Image: Imgur

Ice ice baby

Pregnancy announcements ideas

If you somehow managed to miss the whole of the 1990s and don't get the joke, we'll refer you to this video.

If you're laughing as hard as we are, enjoy, and feel free to use the idea yourselves!

Image: Emily Levenson

Puzzling package

Pregnancy announcements ideas

Want to give someone a bit of a challenge before the big reveal? We've found just the thing.

This cute puzzle can be purchased from Etsy. You could even use it to tell the father, if you're that far ahead of the game!

Image: Etsy

It's a knockout!

Pregnancy announcements ideas

How sweet are these two and their clever baby reveal?

If you haven't got boxing gloves to hand, we're sure you could make a bare fist and a cute card work too.

Image: Joy Ever After

One more onesie

Pregnancy announcements ideas

Baby gros are a popular pregnancy announcement idea.

Hang them on the line and pose in the background like this romantic pair, or peg the newborn outfit next to bigger shirts from mum and dad's wardrobe.

Image: Instagram

The tiny trike