The UK's most popular festive baby names are full of Christmas joy

The most popular festive baby names may be Christmas-themed, but they're still perfect for all year round

Popular festive baby names
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If you're gearing up to welcome a winter baby, what's better than honouring their time of birth with one of the UK's most popular festive baby names? With research from the ONS, find all the inspiration you need with the UK's most popular festive baby names and the that are on the rise.

It can feel impossible to choose from the huge lists of baby names and narrow down all of those options to just the one, most perfect one. From unique baby names to cute baby names, to some of our favourite nature-inspired names, the options really are endless. 

But if you're welcoming a baby this winter, there comes with the due-date a brilliant way to narrow down your options. Honouring the colder month in which your baby is born, why not opt for a Christmas-inspired baby name like the ones we rounded up on our list of 210 Christmas baby names for boys and girls? You wouldn't be the first parents to do so. In fact, research by nursery retailer Kiddies Kingdom,  who have analysed three years of Office for National Statistics data, has now revealed the UK’s most popular festive baby names and detailed which names are on the rise this year. 

The research by Kiddies Kingdom shows that there are four standout festive-themed baby names taking the UK by storm. Boasting thousands more uses than any other baby names, the winners are by far;


The sweet festive-themed baby name Ivy takes the top spot for most-popular Christmas baby name in the UK. A whopping 6,569 babies were named in honour of the climbing vine plant between 2019 and 2021 and it's sweet festive-inspired origins make it the perfect name for any baby girl born this winter.


With roots in the Bible as the name of Jesus' father, Joseph is the most popular festive name for baby boys. The name's Hebrew origins translate into English as ‘God will increase’. An impressive 4,422 babies were called as such in the last three years though the name peaked in popularity back in the year 2000.


Another Biblical name, 2,560 babies were named Gabriel over the last three years. Meaning ‘God is my strength,’ the name is the same as that of the angel Gabriel, the Nativity's heavenly messenger who tells Mary that she will soon give birth to Jesus, the son of God.


1986 babies were given the sweet, festive-inspired name of Holly over the last three years. Another nature-inspired name for a baby girl, the name is the perfect subtle Christmas tribute that will suit any new bundle of joy.

Which festive baby names are rising in popularity? 

While the UK's most popular festive baby names are all wonderful in their own right, perhaps you don't want to join in with the crowd and go with a mainstream name. If that's the case, the ONS statistics show that there are a few more unusual and unique Christmas-inspired baby names beginning to gain traction among new parents and they could be the perfect fit for you. 


The feminine form of the third most popular baby name, Gabriel, the sweet name Gabrielle is growing in popularity. It means the exact same as the masculine form, ‘God is my strength’, and is of French origin. Across the last three years, the name has averaged an increase of 46%, with 751 babies being called Gabrielle. 


A sweet and subtly festive-inspired baby name, Clementine has English origins and means gentle and merciful. The Christmas element comes from the tradition of putting clementine fruits in Christmas stockings, though kids would probably now rather get one of the top Christmas toys for 2023.


Noelle may be the feminine version for the classic masculine name Noel, but it is also the French word for Christmas. Some say that the baby name means  ‘born on Christmas Day,’ but with a name as cute as Noelle, we can excuse it being used for babys born during any part of the festive season. 

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