How to make your own bits & bobs canvas

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  • With parenthood, comes a house full of random plastic items! Instead of throwing away unused or broken toys, spare buttons and any other colourful odds and ends, unleash your imagination and turn them into a wonderful craft project!

    You can buy canvases quite cheaply from local craft and stationary stores. They’re great to keep in the house for a rainy day as whether it’s for painting, crayoning or for creating this wonderful bits ‘n’ bobs canvas, it’s bound to keep the children busy for a couple of hours.

    Age group: You can make this crafty canvas with children 4 and up. Younger children will need more supervision and we’d recommend you handling the glue gun for anyone under 6.

    What you will need

    • An assortment of plastic pieces from old toys or bottle lids.
    • A canvas or piece of sturdy card, as a base.
    • Pipe cleaners (optional)
    • Paint (Your favourite colour)
    • A brush
    • A glue gun