Homemade trick or treat bags

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  • Your kids can stand out from the crowd with these homemade trick or treating bags. Follow our method for customising a plain cotton bag into the perfect accessory for Halloween night.

    OurHalloween crafts for kids are the perfect way to spend some quality family time together.

    This craft activity gives kids the opportunity to really get creative. They design their own potato stamp so can invent a spooky character or design a cool pattern to print onto their bag. The great thing about this craft is each child will have something unique at the end, ready to take out trick or treating and fill up with sweets!

    Top tip: You could use small cookie cutters to help create your spooky design.

    You will need…

    • Knife
    • Paper towel
    • Felt tip pen
    • Sheet of A4 paper
    • Scissors
    • Small cotton bag
    • Paper plate
    • Fabric paint
    • Iron

    How to make your trick or treat bag

    • Cut a potato in half lengthways, and then blot one half dry with the paper towel. Draw a spooky shape with a felt tip pen, then carefully score around the pen lines with the knife. Cut around the sides of the potato and remove the unwanted parts of the potato, leaving a raised design.
    • Cut a piece of paper to fit inside the cotton bag. Lay the bag flat on a work surface ready for printing.
    • Pour a little fabric paint onto a paper plate, and dab the potato into the paint, ensuring that the surface is evenly coated. Start stamping onto one side of the bag. Leave to dry, then turn the bag over and print the other side. The potato can be washed after use and used again with another colour.
    • Remove the paper from inside the bag, then iron over the design to seal the paint.