How to draw a dog

Drawing dogs and other animals is easy with our step-by-step picture guide

How to draw a dog

Teaching your child how to draw dogs and other animals is easy with our step-by-step picture guide.

Does your child love Lassie? Swoon over Snoopy? Well, now they can easily learn to draw their own four-legged friends with our doggy drawing guide.

Once your kids have mastered the basic shapes of this dog, they’ll be able to move onto drawing even more realistic animals. Why not try our how to draw a butterfly or crab drawing tutorial?

Or stick with the doggy theme and make this egg box dog mask instead.

You will need:

  • Colouring pens, pencils or crayons
  • Paper

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How to draw a dog:

1. Start by drawing a small oval in the middle of the piece of paper. We’ve drawn our dog in brown felt tip, but you can choose to draw your dog in whatever colour you’d like.

Draw a circle for the dog head

2. Now draw a slightly larger semi-circle on top of the dog’s muzzle.

Draw a muzzle

3. On either side of the dog’s head, draw a long and thin oval. These are the dog’s ears. You can draw triangles instead if you want your dog to have pointy ears.

Add the ears

4. For the front legs, draw four straight lines beneath the head. Finish each pair of lines with a semi-circle to draw the dog's paws. To draw the dog's body, bring your pen down from the neck into a circular shape, making sure to draw a line in between the legs.

Draw the front paws and body

5. Draw the back legs by adding two small semi-circles on each side of the dog’s body. Don’t forget to add a tail too, we’ve gone for a long pointy tail but you can draw a fluffier version if you’d like your dog to have a shaggy coat.

The back paws and tail

6. Finish the dog drawing with some details on the face. Draw a pair of small circles on the top of the head for eyes. On the muzzle section of the head, draw a semi-circle for the nose with a straight line underneath. Draw two curved lines on each side of the straight line for the mouth.

Draw on the face

7. Don’t forget to add a bright collar and tag around your dog’s neck, you can include your dog’s name if you have room. And that's how to draw a dog!

Add the dog's collar and tag

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