How to make an Easter bonnet

The kids will love making their own Easter bonnet, here's how...

A homemade Easter bonnet

Looking for an easy step-by-step for how to make an Easter bonnet? You're in the right place.

Learn how to make an Easter bonnet in four simple steps. This Easter bonnet tutorial is so easy that it's a perfect Easter craft for kids to help with. They will love getting creative with their own designs and decorations.

Most of the materials you need for this project can easily be bought on your next shopping trip. Try the Easter aisle for the mini-decorations. A fun activity for kids, you can let them pick their own decorations and personalise their Easter bonnets too.

A colourful selection of paper flowers to glue onto your Easter bonnet make an attractive decoration. Can't get hold of the wired paper flower? No worries! Use our how to make paper flowers guide  to make your own instead.

How to make an Easter bonnet

To make an Easter bonnet you will need:

  • A bonnet or old sun hat
  • Large and small wired paper flowers
  • Easter egg nests
  • Fluffy chick decorations
  • Hot glue gun

You can buy a range of these Easter bonnet supplies from Poundland.

1. Begin by separating out the paper flowers. Place six large paper flowers around the brim of the bonnet. Push the wire through the woven fabric of the hat and push up towards the top of the hat. Heat up the hot glue gun and apply it to the wire on the inside of the bonnet to secure it in place.

Add large paper flowers to the brim of the hat

2. Now add the small paper flowers amongst the larger blooms. Follow the instructions in step 1 to glue the flowers onto the Easter bonnet.

Add the small paper flowers to the easy DIY Easter bonnet

3. Take some mini Easter egg baskets, remove a couple of the eggs and replace them with some fluffy chicks. Glue gun to keep in position. Arrange on the brim of the bonnet at the end of the row of flowers and stick it down with the glue gun.

Add a nest of chicks to your easy DIY Easter bonnet

4. Position a couple of fluffy chicks amongst the flowers, as though they've just wandered out of the nest. Use your glue gun again to stick them down.

Add chicks to your DIY Easter bonnet

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