How to make an Easter bonnet

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  • Looking for an easy step-by-step for how to make an Easter bonnet? You're in the right place.

    Learn how to make an Easter bonnet and let us show you how simple Easter crafts can be in our easy tutorial.

    All it takes is a cheap sunhat, some tissue paper to make paper flowers and a little creativity to make an Easter bonnet. If you’re looking for things to do with kids this Easter, they will absolutely love making their own Easter bonnet to show off, whether they’ve got a parade coming up, are looking to add to their dressing up collection or want to wear it to Easter lunch!

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    The one we’ve made have lovely frilly pompoms and pale pink bunny ears, but it can definitely be adapted to suit little ones who prefer different colours. Think straw hat and grey ears and you’ve got yourself a winner. Just follow the same steps and tweak yours here and there, to suit whoever you’re making it for (or with!).

    How to make an Easter bonnet

    To make this Easter bonnet you will need:

    • A bonnet or old hat
    • Raffia
    • Mini glue gun
    • Felt sheets in pink and white
    • Soft toy filling or wadding
    • Tissue paper in pastel colours

    Step 1

    Cover the brim of your bonnet with raffia, using a hot glue gun to secure. If you don’t have a glue gun this would work just as well with PVA glue, but you’ll just have to leave it to dry for longer and might need to weight it, too, to get the raffia nice and stuck on.

    Step 2

    Make two ‘ears’ using felt and stuffing. Simply cut out rough ear shapes from both pink and white felt, making the pink pieces slightly smaller, for the inside of the ears. You’ll need four white pieces and two pink ones.

    Line up two white sheets of felt and one pink, and with the right sides facing inwards sew a line around the long sides of your ears, leaving the bottom open. You should then be able to turn them in the right way to create hollow ears. Stuff with wadding to plump out and sew the bottoms closed.

    Step 3

    Attach the ears to your bonnet with a glue gun. Again, if you don’t have a glue gun you could use any other glue, just keep in mind that it might need more drying time or pressure to work.

    Step 4

    Use the tissue paper to make pom poms. You can make quick and easy ones by simply scrunching tissue paper up into rough balls but if you fancy having a go at the frilly ones pictures, then here’s how you do it.

    Take a couple of pieces of tissue paper and concertina it back and forth so you’ve got one long strip of tissue that is folded back and forth on itself. Next cut into small 4 inch sections, keeping the folds in place. Tie a small piece of thread around the middle of your strip to create an almost bow-tie like shape. Now you’re ready to start unfolding it. Gently peel apart the layers and pull dowanwards until you have a puffy ball.

    Step 5

    Decorate the brim of your Easter bonnet with pompoms, and anything else you fancy, securing with a hot glue gun or PVA.

    Now you’ve got yourself a pretty Easter bonnet!