Mother and daughter doing Easter crafts for kids
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Easter crafts are a unique way to keep kids busy over the holidays, when they're off school and in need of things to do. 

Whether you want to make Easter gifts for kids or DIY Easter decorations for the house, there are plenty of Easter craft ideas to try below.

These fun Easter crafts are great for kids and adults alike and really capture the spirit of spring. Spruce up your front door with our homemade Easter wreath ideas or make some adorable homemade bunny ears for your little spring chicks!

Best Easter crafts for kids

How to make Easter baskets 

DIY Easter baskets are easy to make and a perfect excuse to let your creativity fly, as you can make them using so many different materials and card colours. Once finished, these baskets are perfect for Easter egg hunts or can be used as packaging for Easter presents.

how to make Easter baskets

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DIY Easter decorations

Making these decorations is a fun Easter activity for kids and adults alike. Using felt, glue and with a little bit of sewing you can create chirpy Easter chicks, hoppy Easter bunnies and more.

How to make felt chick Easter decorations

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How to make Easter bunny ears

How pretty are these homemade Easter bunny ears? Even older kids might need some help from an adult to make these and it's definitely not a craft for little ones, but children of all ages will love wearing them when they are finished.Pair with some Easter bunny face paint for a real spring-themed ensemble.

Homemade Easter bunny ears

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How to make adorable Easter pom pom animals

Both little and big ones will enjoy making these adorable Easter pom pom animals, as they're a real craft to get stuck into on a lazy weekend afternoon.

Easter pom pom animals in various colours in white basket

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How to make Easter bunny bunting

Perfect if you're throwing an Easter-themed bash! This tasteful bunny bunting can be made easily with craft supplies you're already likely to have in the cupboard, saving you money and time.

Easter bunny bunting hanging on the wall

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How to make Easter wreaths

At Christmas, we all get our wreaths out and hang them on the door, so why not at Easter? We've put together some great ideas for creating Easter wreaths at home using materials you have at home or can forage from your garden.

Easter wreath egg boxes

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How to make an Easter bonnet

This Easter bonnet craft is another great one to do if your child loves dressing up. Kids will love picking their own decorations for the hat and personalising it themselves.

A homemade Easter bonnet

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How to make Easter cards

Show loved ones that you miss them if you're not meeting up over the bank holiday weekend. These Easter cards are so much fun to make and really easy. Kids of all ages can get stuck into the cutting, sticking and gluing involved in making these delightful Easter cards.

How to make an Easter egg card

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How to make paper maché bowls

One of the best Easter crafts for kids is this paper maché bowl. While you're making it over the holiday period, it's an item that you can use to decorate your coffee table or shelf all year around.

Easter crafts for kids made from Paper mache with easter eggs

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How to make silly string Easter eggs

This isn't the type of silly string that flies everywhere and you're still finding it for days on end under the sofa. This Easter silly string craft can be easily contained to the table. Once finished, you could even string the eggs together to create a different type of Easter bunting.

Easter crafts for kids made from silly string

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